Posted on April 15, 2011

New York, San Diego No Longer Have White Majorities

CNN, April 14, 2011

New census data confirm that some major metropolitan areas flipped from majority white to majority populations of minorities during the past decade.

White people are now in the minority in 46 of the nation’s 366 metro areas, including New York, Washington, San Diego, Las Vegas and Memphis, said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution.

That number is up from 32 in 2000, 10 in 1990 and nine in 1980, Frey said.


Recent analysis also showed white children are in the minority in 10 states.


Looking at metro areas also can offer a deeper view of how people live in different areas. Frey has used statistics about metropolitan areas to calculate the most segregated areas in the country. In terms of white and black, the most segregated areas were around Milwaukee, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland.


18 responses to “New York, San Diego No Longer Have White Majorities”

  1. Jay says:

    What the liberals need to be called on is how they say nothing when various ethnic and racial newcomers create their own segregated areas of ethnic/racial dominance.

    Why is it okay for latinos to move into a town and literally push blacks out in less than 5-10 years? Why don’t liberals call for latinos and blacks to live in integrated harmony? Instead, the two groups hate each other.

    Then what about asians, arabs, turks, indo-paks? Why are they allowed to create ethnic ‘enclaves’ devoid of ‘diversity? Where I’m at, there are now identifiable ‘Korea-towns” “China-towns” “Little Indias” “Haitian enclaves” ad nauseum.

    Why do not the liberals force those people to live together? It’s only whites who are not allowed to have white ‘enclaves.’

  2. Bob Johnson says:

    I moved to Las Vegas from California about 6 years ago. It seems that the White population has shrunk and the immigrant population has skyrocketed. I think a lot of Whites left when the tourism industry took a dive starting in 2008. The surrounding cities are more White than Las Vegas. Henderson is still mostly White.

  3. olewhitelady says:

    Liberals love to quote these figures to attempt to scare whites into acquiescence. It never occurs to them, apparently, that their efforts might marshal forces against them.

    NYC now is now a little over 1/4 black, 1/4 Hispanic, and about 10% Asian. And does this mean that these three groups will form a bloc against whites?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think eventually most metro areas will be mostly nonwhite. I used to live in the Dallas area about 15 years ago and it was alright but with the changing demographics I wouldn’t want to live there now. It’s not just the nonwhites either it’s the homosexual activists, militant feminists, bohemians, hipsters, etc. that drive away mainstream Whites. Large metro areas are full of weird people and it never seemed to me like it used to be. These people are not big breeders either so any majority White population in these cities will disappear in the aftermath of a wave of high fertility blacks and immigrants. If the cities are to survive they need to draw back normal people. Of course the prospect of taking your children to the zoo and some obviously HIV positive man hanging around the bathrooms is not much of an incentive to move to the big city. You can’t even live in the next county over and get any peace. When a city turns majority nonwhite, both nonwhites and White liberal progressive types start fleeing to the adjacent county and create the same problems they left behind. That’s why I live as far away from metro areas as possible.

  5. Ben says:

    Does allow me to now complain for minority status and rights?

    Interesting…since New York tends to be one of the most Liberal places along with the other places mentioned.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Poster #4 hit the nail on the head. I also no longer take my family to places I used to take for granted as safe. Zoos, public parks, hiking trails, even some museums now are filled with very dangerous, shifty looking immigrants.

    My kids watch older TV shows and they see white kids running around free in the neighborhood, and they ask us why they can’t do like that. I ask them if the neighborhoods they see today look like that or seem safe like that. They surrender and acknowledge that the times they have ‘a changed.

    When I look out my window, I may a gang of young black males walking by, shuffling, looking menacing and all thug-like. Or I may see a group of really shifty looking latino mestizos. Or I may see some weird asian guy, glancing around him as if he did something wrong. Or…

    I almost NEVER see a white person walking by, and I cannot remember, and I am serious, the last time I saw a group of more than three white people walking together in a group. 15 years and this place has gone from a carton of milk to a salad bowl, and no one has anything in common, not even language. I want to move, but my job is still here, and there are no jobs out there anymore for older white males like me.

  7. Jeddermann. says:

    What is it, four of the most populated states are now “majority minority”, what they like to call it! [with a giggle too] Texas, CA, NY, IL, maybe others too. And states such as Hawaii, AZ, NX have been “majority minority” [with a giggle] for some time now. And others not far behind.

  8. Anonymous says:

    7 — Jeddermann at 10:13 PM on April 16:

    Maybe you could share with us what’s so amusing about it. Hawaii is the only state to have a historical White minority and I don’t really consider it American. Texas and California used to be the top best places to live in the country. I returned to to Texas after a long absence and I didn’t recognize it anymore. This was a place that had a lot of wealth and also a strong conservative middle class. All those Mexicans have tarnished Dallas and made it more shabby and third world not to mention the blacks. I consider myself a Republican but with the state house firmly in control by the GOP and it has been for some time, I’m beginning to question how this could have happened under their watch and it lends credibility to the idea that both parties a firmly in the control of the elites.

  9. Peejay in Frisco says:

    If an area becomes majority non white, it is not so bad only if no other nonwhite group is the majority. Asians are one third of San Jose(whites are one third), I would prefer that over Mexicans being two thirds rather than one third.One group counterweighs the other.

  10. Non-white says:

    Why do whites in the USA not do the ‘Orania’ experiment ?

    I understand that a critical mass has to be reached for status quo to change. But since a lot of you are aware of this, maybe it’s time.

  11. GHW says:

    “Interesting…since New York tends to be one of the most Liberal places along with the other places mentioned.” —


    I live in NY City, in Manhattan, in an area that is ALL white. It is very safe, clean, and the racial situation is never questioned. (When our doorman, a Puerto Rican, began remarking that no blacks or Puerto Ricans live around here, he was dismissed — for drunkenness, they said.)

    This area is populated by those movers and shakers and egg-heads and policy makers who think they know what is best for the rest of the country. For them, it is alright just as it is. They like it this way. You could never get away with it, but they can. Of course, these hypocrites are solidly liberal and all for integration… so long as it’s elsewhere.

  12. Graham Richards says:


    Now you know why Apartheid was applied in South Africa. The hatred of Indians by blacks is really bad. The blacks are more of threat to the very prosperous Indian community than to the whites. And I’m sure you’ve read about the murder of white South African farmers, and general slaughter of urban white folk.

    Then of course there’s the inter tribal conflict among blacks as well as hatred of black immigrants, both illegal & legal.

    Seperate living areas are really the best way to keeping the peace. Some areas of course will deteriorate far beyond others and cause more friction based on any excuse from racism to ‘what ever’. But, unrest will be easier to control.

    Can you think of a better solution……..careful now!!

  13. Fr. John says:

    I got my investment/family out just in time, it would appear.

    In 2009, my 80-something dad (in a ‘nice part’ of San Diego) got ill. I came out to visit him, seriously seeing the area for the first time in 20 years. It was no longer the SD I remembered, knew, loved. We re-did the house, invested 30k in a house that only was worth (initially) 40k, yet sold it (to a Filipino couple- go fig?) for 10 times what Dad paid for it, and moved back to the Midwest – taking our piece of the ‘California dream’ out of that state, and glad to do it, too. I hope more Whites do that (while they can) to completely bankrupt that ‘Granola’ state, where ‘what isn’t fruits and nuts, is flakes.’

    Dad passed shortly thereafter, RIP. But our own “Mary Tyler Moore metropolis” no longer exists, as well. NO PLACE IS SAFE from these ‘social engineers.’ It appears there is a concerted effort to DESTROY ALL OF the USA. We, too, have Somalis, Hispanics, Asians all abounding, in this ‘brave new land of 10,000 diversities.” And it stinks. We’ve recently moved to a small town in the state, where the population is 98% White, and our old Victorian home looks like “Main St” USA. (and cost a fraction of what it would cost in the Cities- ha!) My children now watch only DVD’s of our choosing, and one of my kids was whistling the “Andy Griffith” theme the other day… walking out our back door. I stopped cold, thinking, ‘How we have fallen as a nation, that such an innocuous thing as THAT, (a happy, contented, SAFE WHITE CHILD) is now considered ABNORMAL! (I say, Thank God for such abnormalities!!!)

    But how long can we Whites continue to ‘give away’ OUR COUNTRY? And (more importantly) WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO!?

    What is it about that Kipling poem, about ‘when the Saxon begins to hate…’ that is beginning to resonate with more and more ‘Anglos’ across the ‘fruited plain’? Oh, yeah….

  14. Jay says:

    Poster #11: I now know where the white areas of manhattan are, though I cannot afford to live there. (I wonder how the hipsters afford it? Oh, Daddy’s hedge fund money.)

    Until a few years ago, I didn’t know about the expanding white parts of manhattan, as I spent all my time in the outer boroughs (I’m a midwestern transplant to this area).

    I had gotten so used to latino areas, asian areas, black areas and a small amount of so called ‘white’ areas (jewish, irish/italian and other non Wasp ethnics) that were under rapid transition, that I never realized there would be actual stable white enclaves.

    Then one day I was traveling to a certain place in Manhattan with my wife and kids, and we came out of the Subway and – lo and behold – it was wall-to-wall white people! I was in utter shock and amazement! I had not seen so many white people in a place in years! I became almost giddy. Even my kids were like: “There’s so many white people!”

    I felt so good walking around there. It was clean, safe and orderly. There were no ghetto punks, no salsa rythmns and no third world sites at all.

    When I left and returned to my own neighborhood-under-transition, I got a little sad, because as I looked out at all the houses and buildings around me, I realized that 50 years ago, they were all filled with white people too.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @6 Anon,

    You sir are the reason why we have to do a couple things, right quick:

    1. Recognize a white nationalist culture where ‘older white males’ (you still have kids so it can’t be that bad) want to have a place that is separate and unique for their families to safely grow up in can do so, on the basis of having a job to pay for the move.

    2. Create a political party that is specifically white nationalist and uses the dirty rotten statistics from all over to prove why. I would suggest cable radio, You Tube and local TV stations as a way to bypass official media censorship with professional news casting and editing capabilities along with professional ethnographicists (Jensen, Lynn, Rushton, Watson) as a way to make it ‘just the facts’ acceptable. It’s easy to arm a political party when you provide the munitions of ideas to not just them but the population that doesn’t want to listen to them, and now has to.

    3. If we cannot go national, politically, then go interstate, quietly, so that rich people who know us from our stated opinions (you don’t have to say a racist word, only show the video with the skin colors and the crime stats and the birth rates to support a likely third world U.S. outcome), can say: “I want to help but I can’t afford to be public about it.”

    4. Use the rich man’s funding to build neighborhoods and working communities which are off the books as non-advertised developments whose ‘new owners’ (that’s right _give the home_ in trade for contract labor at sub-market levels) are pre-vetted through multiple levels of online and personal job interviews.

    This is where you need professional, race conscious, head hunters who can look at CVs and Resumes to remove the majority ethnic applicants and then catch the remnant on skewed job requirements. If it is a ‘private, future, contract labor’ basis, the feds cannot interven.

    Bringing in men like you #6, as indeed all other qualified, white, working professionals, to prestock communities like fish tanks with doctors, lawyers, civil engineers etc.

    Along with residual industry and academia to support our necessary job status’ (hard engineering and science drives away dumb ethnies) so that we have latent WSM base.

    5. When things get bad, send those plane tickets with the front door keys by registered mail, activate the housing projects, stand up a separatist government, preferrably in a state with functional nuclear weapons.

    And inaugurate a new currency.

    Necause we have to have the ability to move beyond all linkages with the government economically as racist quotas in jobs and housing _slips_. For at that point, it will be whites as much as blacks, hispanics and asians that we must fear and shun. Making the shift from a covert white super majority to an overt replacement nation state thus becomes an act of throwing a switch. At a multi-state, regional, level with agro, industry, international borders and an _attitude_ that is ‘post racial’ in a homogenous cultural sense.

    There are other things we can do. To rig census reporting (Mexicans do it).

    To show tokenism as contract actored fraud (Make the ethnic rich on a 10 years + bonus at end guarantee of phantom presence and no complaints when the gig is up).

    And through carefully managed development of _self sustaining_ communities which can help a standup nation survive by growing their own food, sponsoring their own education, sharing collective purchasing rights for electricity and fuel as a coop etc. etc.

    And of course by maintaining an open door policy to rich whites who are willing to make the leap, late, if they supply the funds, early.

    I don’t care what you do on the outside to stay righteous with the brutal ethnic face of global corporate socialism on the rise. I only care that you build something that will last for the rest of us, ‘on the other side’ of a Great Big Fence.

    We need to do this. We need to start creating enclaves which are officially off the map because they are ‘future home to’ a race that is about to make an internal geographic as ethnic shift.

    Giving encouragement to people like you, #6, who are willing to act as if they have a future beyond the too-far-gone-but-where-else-is-there? mentality that is a malaise sickening our people with hopelessness and despair.

  16. Browser says:

    (In So.Africa)the hatred of Indians by blacks is really bad. The blacks are more of of a threat to the Indian community than they are to the whites.

    Then there’s inter-tribal conflict among blacks, as well as hatred of black immigrants, both illegal & legal.

    Separate living areas are really the best way for keeping the peace.


    What you say makes obvious sense. But it goes squarely against the new religion of our age — which is imposed integration and enforced equality. Their absolute belief in racial scrambling is a central Marxist dogma which cannot be challenged. Anyone who believes otherwise is a heretic who must be punished for deviant thought.

    We are presently under assault by several “religious” systems (or ideologies) that intend to conquer us and change us. We read a great deal here about the spread of Islam (not that it isn’t a threat!), but the fact is that Marxism has made far greater inroads in our schools, media, government, and culture than Islam could even dream of. It has done so by stealth and very quietly. It has become so established and taken for granted in our thinking by now that many of us are hardly aware of it. Notions that would have been considered idiotic or outrageous just 40 years ago, are now considered simply “the American way”.

  17. Anonymous says:

    It’s time for white conservatives to regroup, organize and elect their own government officials, police, and create their own gold-backed currency. At first it would be a nation within a nation. After awhile, we could take our country back by force. Minorities aren’t all bad, but their communities are dominated by racial hatred and violence. Without white conservatives, their communities will quickly die. With no whites, there is no money. We have intelligence and civilization, they have child rape and AIDS. We will win. We must organize and refuse to stop funding our own genocide.

    What I’m proposing sounds unrealistic to some, but I disagree. The American Revolution, and the creation of Isreal was founded by under-armed citizen militias. The Minutemen wanted to be free from tyranny, and the Jews wanted to stop their own genocide. Our plight sounds very familiar. If we fight, we can win our own civilization back, and become a nation once again. The Minutemen and the Isreali Jews were successful almost immediately. We can easily do the same.

    Our nation must never be ruled by non-whites that hate us.

  18. Anonymous says:

    One of my fondest memories of growing up was family road trips. I loved the highway and motel culture of the 60s and 70s. Remember the sparkling clean rest areas, with modern bathrooms, snack bars, scenic views? There were young families everywhere on vacation, industrious businessmen on their way to conventions. I recall the various motels. They were a simplistic home away from home, a way that working class familes could travel and enjoy natioanl parks and other attractions. I revisit some of those places and recoil in horror. Many of these locales have become run-down hell holes. Many of those motels, including howard Johnsons have become crack motels for welfare recipents, and their children. I was recently at a rest stop on the 5 freeway near San Diego. The view was quite beautiful, but the actual facilities were horrifying. The one toilet avialable was an over flowing prison toilet with used toilet paper strewn about. The place was full of shady looking people, giving me a very uneasy feeling. I couldn’t imagine how many people have been robbed and stabbed in that rest stop…or how many women and children have been raped there.

    Middle America is decaying rapidly. It is reminiscent of what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa. The decay is slower, but steady. If we don’t do something now, we will become Zimbabwe in ten years or so.