Posted on April 12, 2011

Minorities — The New Majority

Jay Rey and Patrick Lakamp, Buffalo News, April 10, 2011

White flight during the first decade of the 21st century changed the complexion of Buffalo, and for the first time in modern history, minorities are the majority in the city.

But in a reversal of a decades-long pattern, African-Americans also left the city, although not at the same rate as whites.

And while those two groups were leaving, the city’s Hispanic and Asian populations grew.

As a result, Buffalo’s minority population increased to 54 percent in the 2010 Census from 48 percent in 2000.


“The area with the biggest gains in the black population also had the biggest losses for the white population,” said Wende A. Mix, an associate professor of geography and planning at Buffalo State College.

In the end, the Buffalo Niagara region, consisting of Erie and Niagara counties, is more diverse, but blacks and whites generally still live in two very separate worlds.

The region remains one of the most segregated in the United States.


Changing suburbs

Black migration to the suburbs is changing neighborhoods in such places as Eggertsville and Snyder in Amherst, Kenilworth in the Town of Tonawanda, and Pine Hill and Cleveland Hill in Cheektowaga.

Ten years earlier, roughly 14 percent of the students in the Cheektowaga Central School District were minority, Superintendent Dennis Kane said.

“Last year,” Kane said, “four of every 10 kids was a minority.”

Many of these students live in Cheektowaga’s Pine Hill neighborhood on the Buffalo border.

This section of the town gained 584 blacks the past decade–the most of any suburban tract in the county. But it also lost 1,271 whites.

“This is a perfect example of white flight,” Mix said.


The city is losing not only its middle-class whites, but now its middle-class blacks, as well.

A key issue for Buffalo, Taylor said, is how to prevent large chunks of the East Side from becoming “zombie” neighborhoods–streets where entire populations have moved away, leaving behind only two or three houses.


“I think it says how disappointed people are with the education system in Buffalo,” said Warren Galloway, an aide to State Sen. Mark J. Grisanti. “I think most of the people who are moving out in the suburbs, especially African-Americans, are looking for better education.”

City becoming poorer

Buffalo’s racial makeup now looks like this: 46 percent white, 37 percent black, 10.5 percent Hispanic, 3 percent Asian and 3 percent of other minorities.


Still, studies based on the census rank the Buffalo Niagara region anywhere from the sixth to 11th most segregated region in the United States on a list that includes such metro areas as Cleveland, Milwaukee, Newark, St. Louis and Detroit.

Logan’s analysis showed black-white segregation in Buffalo Niagara declined slightly during the decade of the 2000s, dropping the region to the 11th from the eighth most segregated.

“That’s really a small shift,” Logan said.

Those neighborhood patterns–rooted in decades of history–have been slow to break down in older metropolitan areas, like Buffalo, particularly when no large number of middle-class blacks move into white neighborhoods.


8 responses to “Minorities — The New Majority”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This article goes out of its way to cover up the important part of the demographic change. That it’s the result of intentional ethnic cleansing.

    Blacks simply do not choose where they live. They go where black institutions are. And by that I mean where liberal marxists, white in the beginning, later black AA hires, send them via various schemes, especially section 8. Most people look at these as simply trying to meet welfare needs, when, in actuality, all decisions are made with the clear intent of manufacturing a demographic. In other words, welfare increases, broadens or contracts, not to meet a need, or even a perceived need but in order to engage in ethnic cleansing. To purposefully change demographics. So what, if, everywhere in the world and by the UN, this is considered crimes against humanity.

    What happens next is “crime”. Yet there is a clear pattern by which whites are targeted in order to drive them out of the neighborhood targeted for displacement by blacks. There is unequal enforcement of the law. You NEVER see an area target for this where being armed and self defense are heavily promoted (and with good reason). Which is the only reason a white person needs to join such a culture and heavily promote it where they live……especially its institutionalization and codification into law.

    In the advanced stages the police won’t even show up. And if they do, prosecution is discouraged because they know black on white crime will be dismissed by racist black juries.

    My point is, there is no such thing as black migration and white flight. Left alone, blacks would stay where they are. They move due to shifts in welfare policy and police enforcement. In fact, blacks will ignore prosperous areas with better housing and more welfare money. Why? Because such areas tend to lack corruption, making it difficult to convert, food stamps and other controlled earmarked funds for basic needs, into drug money. Also, such areas tend to lack for prostitutes, which are in high demand and parallel the drug issue (and make no mistake, we are talking, very often, about child prostitutes, many enslaved from south of the border).

    An area not yet taken over, still maintains functional police and courts….making life difficult for those whose primary goal in life is to maintain criminal behaviors, no matter how harsh the punishment. This is often a motivating factor in driving whites out of the neighborhood. No whites leads inevitably to no law enforcement of any meaningful degree.

    Everyone…the blacks, the social services people, all levels of government, understands this is all purposeful. Mostly whites do not.

    If we did, standing our ground would be as simple as liberalizing carry laws and self-defense statutes. I have yet to see this fail as a means to keep blacks out of a neighborhood.

    There are still many areas of the US where such things are known by whites, btw. In the long term, the race issue is a hard thing to deal with because of the strong infiltration of our government (and most world governments) by communists. But in the short term. On a personal level, it’s easy to deal with based on being informed and making good choice. And most of all, living with like minded people.

    One day, LA, San Diego, Newark, New York, will go the way of New Orleans. So don’t live there.

  2. sbuffalonative says:

    Here are two comments posted to the Buffalo News regarding this article. Notice that one is from California and the other, Texas:

    “I love that black people are leaving black areas for better education.

    That is the American ideal!


    “This is actually a good [thing], despite the concerns of fear mongering folks


    I particularly like the first one from California about blacks leaving black areas for better educations and it being the “American ideal”. The American ideal? Blacks escaping black neighborhoods to live with whites.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  3. q says:

    “The area with the biggest gains in the black population also had the biggest losses for the white population.”

    Whites need one or more large remote communities in close proximity to one another where they can wait out the coming chaos, because it is so obviously coming. Yes, I firmly believe…along with some pretty high profile experts….that we’re headed for breakup and/or secession, and it will be long-lasting and violent.

    If we have the severe depression predicted by the economists, I think it will still take several years before critical mass is reached, and there will be much violence and chaos up to that point.

    As someone has mentioned previously: “We are in the last days of the Roman Empire.”

  4. Tom S. says:

    *”It means,” Logan said, “African-Americans, and now Hispanics, are being concentrated in neighborhoods with the least resources, the poorest schools and the least chances to get ahead.”

    GEE, seems that when these neighborhoods were White they had the resources, good schools and good chances to get ahead but when the non-Whites moved in, it all disappeared. Wonder why?

    *“I think it says how disappointed people are with the education system in Buffalo,”

    Ahhhh yeah, thats GOT to be the reason Whites are leaving Buffalo – the education system!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Buffalo has passed the critical 50% white threshold. It is now doomed and there is nothing that can be done. White people should get the hell out of there as fast as possible before the mass gang rapes, murders, and city bankruptcy hits

  6. Paul says:

    “I think it says how disappointed people are with the education system in Buffalo,” ??

    Am I in the twilight Zone?

    Does anyone really believe this?

  7. SavetheWest says:

    Actually, to the last couple of posters. Yes it is partly because of the education system. But what articles like this won’t tell you is the reasons why it is so bad. Because when blacks & Hispanics make up more than 20% of a neighborhood, the white flight is well under way. Then a school is left with the remains of what was once an interested and bright student body. The remaining minorities don’t want to learn because that would be “ackin white”. And we can’t have that now can we? I live only 3 & a half hours from Buffalo. I live in another dying Rust Belt city ( Cleveland) & there are reasons why the Midwest & Northeast cities are so racially divided. Because it’s worth it. For years we’ve been losing great jobs here. But the Southeastern states are the most violent. Check out article on MSN today 4/14/11.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The silver-lining here is that the Black population growth rate is below that of Whites and that Whites will remain the single largest racial group well into the 21st century. Latinos and Blacks will be at each other’s throats giving Whites some breathing room.

    ….I hope