Posted on April 12, 2011

Milwaukie Teen Says Sex Offender Grabbed Her

KPTV (Portland), April 9, 2011

A Milwaukie teen says a sex offender tried to grab her while she was walking home Thursday evening near the McLoughlin Plaza.

Police cited Douglas Quinn and are charging him with harassment. Quinn, a registered sex offender, was booked into jail on a drug warrant.

Shelby Harrington, 13, says Quinn came up asking for her name and then tried to grab her by the shoulder.

She was able to get away and use her cell phone to call her dad. That’s when the two started driving around the area looking for the suspect on their own. A few blocks away, they spotted him.


“I grabbed him, body slammed him and put him in a nice headlock and waited till the deputies showed up,” says the teen’s dad, Brett Harrington.


The Harringtons are hoping Quinn will face more serious charges.

31 responses to “Milwaukie Teen Says Sex Offender Grabbed Her”

  1. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Father of the year!!! This is a nice change from the usual story of some poor white girl being sacrificed to the alter of diversity and miscegenation. I love they fact they took the law into their own hands and essential “forced” the police to get involved. I suggest everyone out there who can get a CCW do so. I wish I could in CA, but the democrats want to disarm everyone out here. I wonder if there is some hidden agenda about making us easy prey to the non-white hoards?

  2. SavetheWest says:

    Good for the girl & the father. I may have pulled something a little more sinister on the POS. Maybe a broken arm at the least and a forcedcastration if he stood up and tried to be like Wesley Snipes or some black ation hero. More people need to be vigilant on blacks because you just never know. Black or White, although for the most part MOST inter-racial crimes are committed by blacks on Whites who they DON’T EVEN KNOW. So yes, it is true that most rapes and sexual assaults & kidnappings are from people we know. But that’s not so with blacks. They will target anyone with a White skin tone, or Latino and Asian.

  3. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who might find themselves putting a criminal in a “nice headlock”, I’d like to point out that, with very, very little pressure forward and to the side, such a headlock will kill even the toughest person, instantly by tearing the top of spinal cord out of the brainstem. And a very strong case can be made that it was accidental….lack of shattered bones, bruising and other signs of intended deadly force. The guy just stopped breathing mysteriously as I was holding him down. Probably because he was thrashing around so much. But I was terrified of what he might do if I let go.

    Why consider such a thing? Well, for one thing, dead men tell no lies. But, even with just the truth, almost every state allows, even encourages the criminal to sue his victim, and those who take him into custody (police are barely shielded from this, most of the time, and too often, aren’t shielded and end up sued into pennilessness or jailed).

    These sorts of racially motivated rapes, murders and worse, aren’t crime. The mindset of all involved….the “criminal”, the police, the courts, the lawyers, none of these is a mindset of “crime”. It’s one of war….where you win, and rarely care if you lie, cheat, steal or even murder in order to win. The consequences are often, death but almost always something harsh, should you lose (example….20 years of daily gang rape by blacks in a “high security” prison). The only one with a “crime” mindset is the clueless victim…..don’t be clueless. Understand that it is war. The cop who comes along later, isn’t on your side. He’s just another enemy…so that’s how you deal with him. You shut your mouth and get a lawyer. You don’t treat the “criminal” like some deviant, that, of course, “society” will take your side. That’s not in line with reality.

    What is in line with reality, is an attack like this, happening in a black neighborhood (one you should not be in to begin with). It goes to trial and the black jury refuses to convict because the “criminal” is black (he’s not a criminal and they don’t look at him like that…he’s a soldier in a racial war, attacking their enemy…you). Then another black jury hands over all your money when he sues you.

    But not if he accidentally died while trying to get away with rape.

    Cruel? Harsh? Racist? Better wake up to the way things really are.

  4. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    I remember a case where day laborers were cat calling a 13 year old girl constantly on her way to school. One morning two trucks pulled up. Out came two guys with shot guns, standing at each end of the group. Then the Dad and his daughter got out of the other car and she proceded to point out the worst offenders. I don`t recall what happened after that except to guess that nothing much more ever did…

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a different country we would have if there were more European American fathers like him. Contrast this with the parents of the Wichita Massacre victims. I’m not surprised he’s only being charged with harassment.

  6. alex says:

    I’d like to leave a comment below the original article, citing the US Dept. of Justice’s stats that on average 37,500 black on white rapes occur annually with the reverse so small in number as to be insignificant, but theres no way that rag would let the comment stand.

    We’re at the point where we aren’t even allowed to mention when we are victims. The empire is accelerating downward.

  7. D.B Cooper says:

    In order to downplay this incident, which I’m sure I’ll never hear about in my part of the country, expect the media to sensationalize an incident where a white pervert tries the same thing, especially if the girl is a minority.

    The media has to do something because right now, this very moment, millions of white Wisconson families are preaching the horrors of black predators to their white daughters.

  8. SKIP says:

    This White man will be lucky if he is not sued by the “oppressed minority” for violating his civil rights. And NO! the authorities will do nothing until the black has in fact, raped and murdered (IF he hasn’t already) some young girl, it’s what blacks do!

  9. Detroiter says:

    The dad reminds me of “Dog the Bounty Hunter”

    IMO the reason so many black men are in prison is, cell phones, to call cops on bad acting blacks, take pics and video to document crimes blacks commit, and of course security cameras. They may have to ban these devices as RACIST as they did profiling.

  10. Annoymous says:

    Good for dad, but he represents a larger issue. White people have got to get over their fear of black strength and force. It is one reason why black kids, young men and women, and politicians run rampant, the secret fear among us that they are tougher and they will hurt us if we defy them. It underlies the whole race problem in America and it emboldens the worthless and the stupid. Meanwhile, fighting has become a lost art, and I will guarantee you that 97 per cent of the white college graduates in the U.S. in any year will have never been in a fight, fear and loathe fighting, and will yield to any man they perceive stronger, more ruthless and more relentless. Change that and you have changed everything and maybe we get out country back.

  11. RJS says:

    Kudos to the father…this man is a hero who acted honorably.

    If I expressed what I thought should happen to the feral animal who attempted this, well…..

  12. Wayne Engle says:

    Good for you, White father! How many men in your situation nowadays would have had the guts to jump a street thug, wrestle him down, and hold him for the police? Political correctness, and the fear of being called “racist,” have almost neutered us.

    By the way, I wonder how many of the news media showed a photo of the predator? As we all know, when there’s no picture, the perp is almost always black.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope the father does not end up facing a “hate crime” charge.

    There no doubt are blacks who think Mr. Harrington should do more time than Mr. Quinn, what with all those rapes whites be doin’ on blacks and all the white racism that be goin’ down.

  14. Portland Realist says:

    I know this loser! I am a Trimet bus operator in Portland OR. I kicked this guy off my bus for being drunk and using offensive language 3 years ago. As he walked off he swung at me then stopped just short of hitting me. I have seen him several times since then and I never allow him on my bus. I have seen him in Busted magazine, a magazine that shows pitures and names of people “busted” in the surrounding area.

    Although I do not kick passengers off my bus for anything other than their individual behavior, blacks are about ten times more likely to exhibit behavior resulting in said expulsion. In fact, this job and my experiences with blacks on the bus were the catalyst to changing my racial egalatarianism into racial realism.

  15. Bernie says:

    “I grabbed him, body slammed him and put him in a nice headlock and waited till the deputies showed up,” says the teen’s dad, Brett Harrington.”

    We need more Brett Harrington’s. God bless him.

  16. JT says:

    Black, white or otherwise, there is no logical reason for sex offenders to continue to draw breath once they have revealed their true nature. The dad should dropped the pedo on the ground head first.

  17. MadMac says:

    The fact that this story ran at all is amazing. This does not fit any of the approved elements of a mass media approved story. A heroic white father rescuing his daughter from the clutches of a black sex offender? This must not stand. Lord Almighty, that is right up there with “Birth of a Nation”. Therefore the story will be killed or turned into a hoax situation. This will be either interesting to see or die a familiar depressing death.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Sharpton will call the Dad a racist thug and his vigilantism should not be tolorated. Some hot-shot, liberal, guilt ridden, self hating DA will agree and charge the Dad with violating Quinn’s civil rights. I predict this father will see jail time or at least have his life severley altered by un-needed media attention and court appearances. All for protecting his 13 year old daughter from certain trauma at the hands of Quinn. Look at the pictures though. I guess Quinn is clearly the victim here.

  19. mike says:

    i got a feeling the aclu and civil right hacks will be coming after the dad for protecting his daughter from a rapist. a body slam and a headlock will get you in more trouble than a man molesting your daughter.

  20. Je suis paganisme says:

    Epic Beard Man, meet Epic Dad Man! Good on ya both!

    And “black strength” is largely a myth. I used to arm wrestle and beat blacks. They looked stronger because blacks have less exterior body fat and thus appear to have better muscle tone, but that does not mean that they are stronger.

    After I beat them, they looked like my dog after I whack him with a newspaper.

    Behold, there are more “Epic White Men” out there, just waiting!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I am all for secluded communities for sexual criminals.

    I think it would ease the burden of whatever demons they carry if they were isolated from temptation and I would further suggest that if we had to acknowledge them as an ongoing (repeating) generational society problem rather than ‘put them on a list’ as a singular forgotten individual failures, there would be a much greater empha$i$ on finding whatever biochemical, developmental or genetic issues are causing them to pop up in the population on a random-until-a-victim basis.

    There certainly is the genome mapping technology base to support such a search now.

    I think the reason we will never see such a proactive effort _in a multicult society_ is because the ethnic skew would be so hugely biased towards the high testosterone groups and culturally as aesthetically disadvantaged classes.

    Yet the fact remains that not everyone would match the blatant racial or class or bad-background profile and that is where the real danger is.

    This Quinn person is twice the idiot for doing what he did in a public place where the girl could get away and then continuing to remain proximal to his crime while knowing he is on a sex offender list (most of which have harsh penalties for recidivist behavior, especially against minors).

    But not every sex offender is that stupid. And not every daughter is going to be able to get away from their victimizer to call daddy. Nor every daddy be able find the bastard and pin him to the ground until help arrives.

    Unless we take precautions to make sure they are not at risk to begin with, we are looking at a losing proposition overall with random fight-back bright points. Something to consider in a rapidly darkening society filled with tribalism and testosterone as machismo.

    I also have some degree of pity for those faced with conditions like that of the Florida sex offenders who ended up living under a highway overpass because they literally could not find a single community to take them in.

    We have the right to exile those whose danger to us is so extreme that they pose an unacceptable continuing risk to society. Leper colonies as much as prisons come to mind here as a historical precedent for excluding those with a tragic biological impairment.

    But there is no logical reason to degrade or disabuse those who are at risk for this kind of behavior ‘until they attack some other kid’ and can be sent away for an actual rather than feared crime. Prisons take more money than isolated communities with video surveillance and GPS ankle bracelets.

    Find a place for them. Police it so that the inmates don’t become self-predating. And make it large enough and well enough maintained so that when someone is found to be a member of this type of psychopathological gene group, you can send them to ONE location rather than demanding that they all be distributed among us.

    If nothing else, the more densely you populate a study group (assign all American SPs to an area the size of a county in ONE state), the more rapidly you will isolate ethnic, gender, age group, preexisting lifestyle conditions and other genetic and epigenetic factors from the whole mess of ‘my daddy beat my mommy in front of me’ excuses.

    Sexual Predation is not the domain of one gene or one environmental factor.

    But it may be a series of events or alleles (common occurences in childhood activating given gene locations on a specific chromosome) where a long-sequence series of secondary genotype characterizations are ‘cued’ into behavioral expression.

    We know that the genetic rationale for sexual predation is an overactive, instinctive, desire to spread one’s genetics as widely as possible so that multigenerational ‘stop points’ don’t terminate one’s own geneline on a narrow R-breed invested frontage of terrain and endogroup isolates.

    But in a modern society where natural threats against such utter extinction are rare, that could well be one genetic condition which we could do without.

    By active moderatory pharmacology. Or prenatal genomic therapy.

    The former could also be administered in a group environment on a traded privilege basis. 500 channel cable for free = weekly meds.

    The latter is how we get away from rape as a crime of broken social trusts that never ends.

  22. Anonymous says:

    “White people have got to get over their fear of black strength and force. It is one reason why black kids, young men and women, and politicians run rampant, the secret fear among us that they are tougher and they will hurt us if we defy them. It underlies the whole race problem in America and it emboldens the worthless and the stupid.”


    No, I don’t think white people are necessarily so afraid of blacks or “black strength”, (as you put it). I think they are more afraid of the fact that The System will not support them.

    They know that the media and government will fawn over blacks, sympathizing over their (presumably) “oppressed” and downtrodden status, while showing indifference or contempt to white victims who probably are racists anyway who simply got what they deserved.

    There is very little sympathy for a white victim, and endless sympathy for a black perpetrator.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what this man had done to get designated a Sex Offender?

    Knowing how kinky and perverted most blacks are and how the most outrageous behaviour is casually accepted among them as merely normal, it makes one wonder what it took to get him such a designation. It must have been REALLY, REALLY bad!

  24. anon says:

    The people holding guns on people who had cat called were guilty of assault. Cat calls are protected speech.

    This father who tackled the guy might have been doing the right thing , maybe not. Grabbing someone’s shoulder can be battery, but doing it very lightly?

    I think it might depend how he did it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    D.B. Cooper said

    “…The media has to do something because right now, this very moment, millions of white Wisconson families are preaching the horrors of black predators to their white daughters.”

    Mr. Cooper, this occurred in Milwaukie, OREGON, a suburb of the city of Portland, OREGON.

    I don’t know where you live, but you made the same kind of mistake when a stupid woman from Vancouver, WASHINGTON made up a hoax about acid being thrown in her face, and you confused Vancouver, WASHINGTON with Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    Seeing that you use the non de plume of a famous northwest airplane hijacker, you REALLY need to learn something about this area.

  26. 10mm Auto says:

    I applaud this man, good Job! Three points I would like to expound on.

    One, I would recommend that any others trying to take down a violent stalking African rapist use a handgun. He could have so easily have drawn a gun or a knife and killed the father, thus compounding the tragedy.

    Two, a street African’s life is practically prison already. He has nothing to lose by compounding a felony. In fact, it will get housing and medical care and three squares a day without working for it and a warm bunk to sleep in. Be careful.

    Three, odds are, if he has extra Africans around him, they will “jump in” on the rapists side. Hand to hand against Africans is fine one on one, but three or six to one you will be stomped. The Africans’ favorite is to crush the eye socket bones in White and their opening gambit to this is the high overhand right sucker punch.

    Whites will never be safe till Africans fear to touch a White. Concealed carry and Stand your ground laws and self defense laws are the keys to this, so don’t risk yourself and don’t let them win the ghetto lottery by taking you down either physically or financially.

  27. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Up to my neck in CA writes:

    I suggest everyone out there who can get a CCW do so. I wish I could in CA, but the democrats want to disarm everyone out here. I wonder if there is some hidden agenda about making us easy prey to the non-white hoards?

    What is so infuriating are “lawmakers” in California such as the supremely hypocritical Dianne Feinstein who reserves a CCW for herself and then tells us kulaks who don’t live behind iron gates or have armed body guards to protect us (as she does):

    Banning guns addresses a fundamental right of all Americans to feel safe.


    If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an out-right ban, picking up every one of them… “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in,” I would have done it!. I could not do that. The votes weren’t here.”

    Wow! Thanks for that senator! Thanks for thinking of us average citizens and trying to make California safer by disarming us while allowing drug gangs with automatic weapons to take over California’s state parks (and cities and neighborhoods).

    When asked earlier why she carried a .38 Smith & Wesson concealed in her purse while promoting gun control for the rest of us, Feinstein answered, ‘I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I’d walk to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.


    Stay safe, friend, your area is as bad as mine.


  28. WHC says:

    Good post 10 MM Auto. You are quite correct that blacks rarely will engage in a fight with a white one on one. This father is a hero in my book, but it is safer to get your concealed carry permit to equal the odds. Black thugs tend to be surprised when a white fights back and quickly turn into whimpering cowards without overwhelming numbers on their side. There are a growing number of defensive shooting schools with real life drills and excellent training from retired military and law enforcement personnel. Be prepared.

  29. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “The people holdoing guns on people were guilty of assault”

    Sooo, I checked on the penalty for that and YES it is quite severe. In my state it would be 2-10 years in prison for a seconde degree felony. If it was against a security guard, public worker etc. it would be a first degree felony, and up to 5 years to life!! Hmmm….

  30. WHC says:

    Tim: Try living in a state with sane gun laws (concealed carry,castle doctrine etc.)I refuse to even travel to states where governments have left their citizens defenseless. Of course, if I were a criminal, those states with strict gun control, would be the states where I would move to. In my state, there isn’t a jury imaginable, that would convict a father, for holding the attacker of his daughter at bay, with a firearm. The old adage “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6” still stands. But I would also rather be judged by 12 than have to attend my daughter’s funeral.

  31. BeenThere says:

    Tim Mc Hugh wrote:

    “The people holdoing guns on people were guilty of assault”

    Sooo, I checked on the penalty for that and YES it is quite severe


    I don’t know about your state, or the state of Oregon, but in my state (New York) that does NOT constitute an “assault”. (No one was touched, injured, wounded. Among other things, an Assault requires an injury.)

    But threatening with a weapon could be charged as various other serious offenses (such as Menacing). And yes, the penalty could be quite severe! Probably not worth their trouble. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    Threatening with a shotgun, implying the treat of grave physical harm, is legally much heavier an offense than tasteless hooting and catcalls (regrettably).

    This is not a Wild West movie where you grab your gun, gather a few of the boys, and make your own justice. Well, it’s kind of getting that way, isn’t it? But in theory it’s not supposed to be. We’re betwixt and between.