Posted on April 29, 2011

It’s Punjabi Versus Punjabi in Canadian Polls

Economic Times (Mumbai), April 28, 2011

It is Punjabi versus Punjabi in many constituencies in Canada which is headed for parliamentary elections May 2.

Three major parties–the ruling Conservative Party, and two opposition Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party–have fielded 23 Indian-origin candidates to woo the million-strong Indo-Canadian community.

But barring Bengali-origin candidate Rana Sarkar, all Indian-origin candidates are Punjabi, including former federal health minister Ujjal Dosanjh, current parliamentary secretary Deepak Obhrai and the glamorous Ruby Dhalla.

11 responses to “It’s Punjabi Versus Punjabi in Canadian Polls”

  1. Anonymous says:


    The same is happening here in the USA. Just wait and see. Right now we have Obama and now the Repubs and Tea Partiers want 2 blacks to run. Herman Cain and Allen West. I hear local “conservative” talk show hosts gush over these two and it makes me ill…they say, but, they are “conservatives” and say things we want to hear.. Of course they say what “we” want to hear, they are BLACK and CAN say certain things a White man cannot say without being demonized and called a racist!

  2. Seneca the Younger says:

    You mean that immigrants from the third world will not support a native Canadian? But I thought that immigrants would assimilate and vote for white Canadians with joy?

    Liberals may be replacing the voting population with ones that will vote for their parties. But what they are really doing is replacing their jobs. Minorities are all clannish. I wish whites were.

    If you don’t believe me, try running a white guy for mayor for Detroit. White Democrats do not even try running there, or any majority non-white area/city.

  3. Anonymous says:

    These people didn’t even exist here in Canada before the 1960’s when the treasonous Liberal party began letting them in. They were imported to become Liberal voters and dilute WASP voters. We need a law saying people who are not born here, can not vote, even if they become citizens. In fact I would only allow voting rights to third-generation immigrants. Otherwise immigrant-ethnic lobby groups form and become powerful and our treasonous, gutless politicians will just dissolve us and elect a new people!

  4. Anonymous says:

    “You mean that immigrants from the third world will not support a native (white) Canadian?”

    A while ago, near Toronto, two Muslim candidates lost in a three-way race to a white. One of the Muslims was condemned by his community for splitting the Muslim vote, allowing a white to win.

    When they vote, they vote for anyone but the white.

  5. Kenelm Digby says:

    Believe it or not, but subcontinental Indians were, in fact, forbidden from even settling on Canadian territory until the Trudeau government of the 1970s changed the law.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Seneca, I disagree with you.

    I’ve found that Chinese and Indian immigrants are very likely to vote white, just look at Silicon Valley and other areas. Conservatives have made major, major inroads in immigrant communities too. This despite the fact that the Harper government has increased the crackdown on illegal immigration and started to slowly curb immigration (you now need a master’s degree, not just a bachelor, to have a pretty safe chance to get into canada and become a citizen(or do they call it landed immigrant?)).

    Besides, what’s so controversial seeing people from your own community? Imagine if you, God forbid, would live in Africa and could only vote for black candidates.

    There’s a large difference from white-friendly communities like the Indian one to the borderline genocidal racist stench coming from black communities.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Reply to #6;

    “…white-friendly communities like the Indian one…”

    Translation. Indians like to move to white countries and communities to help themselves to all the benefits, advantages and riches, previous generations of whites created. If that’s your definition of “friendly”, you can keep it.

    “Imagine if you, god forbid, would live in Africa and could only vote for black candidates.”

    I DON’T live in Africa. Nor would I. But if in some hypothetical situation, there was a great country in Africa, and the treasonous African government there allowed non-Africans to settle in it, I don’t think that gives me any right to undermine the black African vote.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Indian racism is a greater threat than black racism.

    I have respect for those blacks who are proud to be black, name their children distinct ‘black’ names, follow an all-black church, and prefer the company of their own kind. Fundamentally, they do not want to be white.

    Indians will sometimes do all of these things, but then they also have a ‘will to conquest’ in the fields of business, politics, finance, academics, territorial acquisition, cultural dominance and the displacement of whites.

    Like ‘body snatchers’, they speak our language, wear our clothing, and appropriate our Western culture for their agendas.

    When they’re a minority they’ll support a white politician who will do their bidding; when they achieve a local majority the gloves come off. Then they expect to be governed by their own, and the political seat will become their permanent possession.

    They will join a political party en masse to ensure they can outvote whites at leader nominations, and groom their successors from within their community.

  9. Anonymous says:


    Travel in a Indian railway train and you will hear racist comments. Sardars are the eternal butt of racist jokes. North Indians make “Madrasis” the butt of their jokes – and Madrasis joke about North Indians. Maharashtrians crack jokes about Gujaratis and vice versa. Together, the Maharashtrians and Gujaratis joke about the ‘Thambis’, ‘Gurungs’ and ‘Bahadur’.

    The whole country makes a joke about Indians versus the world – where Indians come out second best. There are other jokes about (in alphabetical order) Bengalis, Biharis, Christian ‘Pavs’, Haryanvi Jats, Malayalees, Marwaris, Muslims, Parsis, Sindhis, UP bhaiyyas – and nobody is spared. Indian parents don’t spare their own children – and crack jokes about their own “dark-er” children.


    Indian Racism is one of the last pure “Our lands, our homes!”, sources of free will (to associate or employ) and speak in the world. From a Liberal’s perspective, they are ‘far from pure’.


    It’s hardly the first time I’ve witnessed Indian racism. A few years ago a Punjabi friend who came to stay with me in Hackney was visibly shocked to find so many blacks living in my neighbourhood. He asked me in a loud voice in the middle of Broadway Market if they were all ‘prostitutes’. On countless occasions, educated, well off Hindus have made highly offensive remarks to me about Muslims and talked darkly of their presence in Indian society. Just recently, a businessman I interviewed told me that he would never hire ‘one of them’ as a servant because ‘they are dirty’.


    From what I have been told, this is both a caste` (‘wheatish’ not coal) and regional/religious belief (‘South Indians and Muslims need not apply’).

    IMO, it is also a good indication for why Indians want, so desperately, to live with us, as equals. It is because _they think they are white_.

    And plan on becoming more that way, the old fashioned route. Because they would not be accepted at home by any other means, as they are.

    But they are also clannish and racially conscious of each other (as allies) in an extreme way and would not hesitate a moment to use a position of power to consolidate their views of themselves and their expanding culture base, in any colonized white nation, once elected.

    _This is not unusual behavior_. It is simply genetic infiltration and territorialism strategy, writ large, by a people who are not socially neutered to the point they will not admit how basic and animal like we all really remain, in the 70-90% of our unconscious, instinctive, thoughts.

    As for why we shouldn’t ‘learn to accept it’, look at this-

    Indians cannot fix their own social systems. Why on Earth should we let them have a crack at ours?

    It takes more than wishing to be white. It is a balanced perspective view of the world that cannot be emulated. It has to be understood from a deeply internalized set of cultural and genetic hierarchies on the importance of the symbolic and real world elements of our lives.

  10. Louis Ferdinand says:

    “If you don’t believe me, try running a white guy for mayor for Detroit. White Democrats do not even try running there, or any majority non-white area/city.”

    Gary, Indiana had a white mayor a few years back. He was married to a black woman.

  11. canada guy says:

    Even though the Punjab region of India has had Communist governments for many decades, the Sikhs who come to Canada are clever enough to spread their net far and wide. They take out membership in all major Canadian parties and elect candidates to run as Conservatives, Liberals and New Democrats. That way, no matter which party wins, a certain number of Sikhs will have a say in the government. Bit by bit, we have seen them and the Chinese control more and more of the politics of British Columbia. Idiot liberal whiteys who still sing the praises of multiculturalism and ethnic diversity are in for the shock of their lives in the not-too-distant future.