Posted on April 13, 2011

Illegal Immigrant Protesters Won’t Face Deportation

Jeremy Redmon, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 12 2011

Federal immigration authorities have decided not to take action against seven demonstrators who disclosed they were in the country illegally before they were arrested on charges of blocking downtown Atlanta traffic during a protest last week.


The activists blocked traffic on downtown Atlanta’s Courtland Street for about an hour last week as they demonstrated against a ban on illegal immigrants attending some Georgia colleges.

Earlier that day, the protesters had declared they were illegally in the country and decried restrictions illegal immigrant students face in the United States. Some spoke in favor of the DREAM Act, a congressional measure that would have given young illegal immigrants a path to legal status if they enrolled in college or joined the military. That measure failed in Congress last year.


7 responses to “Illegal Immigrant Protesters Won’t Face Deportation”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    What has happened in essence is that the U.S. Attorneys has essentially given them amnesty by means of non-enforcement. Therefore, they should no longer complain about immigration enforcement.

  2. Mr.White says:

    Has there been a vote to change our immigration laws, whereby so called “college “students are exempt from being deported? If so, I wasn’t aware of it. Since when can laws in this country be changed, unilaterally, by an agency that supports amnesty for illegal invading mestizos?

  3. John says:

    Will I get amnesty if I don’t pay my taxes?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is obscene.

    I personally knew of a Canadian who was trying to become a U.S. citizen. They had to wait out the clearance of their paperwork in Canada, under a stiff threat that if they were found “illegally” in the United States before being granted entry, they would be deported. Further to this, their name was red-flagged at the border.

  5. John Engelman says:

    What part of the word “illegal” don’t Federal immigration authorities understand?

  6. June says:

    These thugs should have been escorted to the border and told if they return, it will be ten years in prison. What they really mean by their protests are:

    We demand to break the laws of the US without interference

    We want the rights of citizens without the responsibilities

    We don’t care if we replace American students who follow the law.

    We expect special treatment.

    Don’t tell us to go home and protest. We’d go to jail. American authorities are so stupid, they let us get away with this and give in to our demands. Why do you think we’re here?

  7. Diversity = Adversity says:

    The Mexican government is complicit in efforts made by La Raza to invade America or “La Reconquista”. The Mexican government does not put up with illegal immigrants in their country but they put out a pamphlet instructing their citizens on how to invade America. Somehow at the same time politicians in our country don’t want to offend the sensibilities of illegal alien Mexicans. This is a sick perversion of justice. None of them give a damn when white people are offended; they go out of their way to offend us!