Posted on March 22, 2011

Sierra Club: Youthful, Diverse, Enthusiastic

Sierra Club, March 22, 2011

People of every age and background embrace the Sierra Club’s motto to “explore, enjoy and protect the planet.” The Club works hard to include everyone in its mission. Check out the programs below to see the many faces of the Sierra Club.


Sierra Club Diversity Statement

The Sierra Club values diversity in our members, staff and supporters, and we embrace these differences, including race, class and ethnicity among many others. We welcome diverse individuals and their perspectives, and we promote a sense of inclusion by acknowledging that:

• Diversity is a conservation necessity and a social imperative that will enable the Club to continue as a leader of the environmental movement.

• Like a healthy ecosystem, our differences strengthen us in our efforts to preserve and protect the natural and human environment.

• Diversity fosters greater involvement of all persons and organizations that share our vision for a healthy planet.

• We are united by our common concern for the future of our earth and our communities.

In support of the mission of the Sierra Club, we strive to be inclusive and to engage individuals from all communities in our work and activities. Our vision is for the Sierra Club to reflect the communities of our nation. As an ongoing effort, we will build and integrate diversity into the conservation initiatives, program strategies, membership, workforce, structure, budget, business practices, communications and culture of the Sierra Club.