Posted on March 31, 2011

Muslim Group Threatens to Disrupt William’s Wedding

Daiji World, March 29, 2011

A group of extremist Muslims has allegedly threatened to disrupt the wedding of Prince William, saying “the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare”.

William, 28, will marry Kate Middleton, 29, at Westminster Abbey April 29.

A Muslim group–named Muslims Against Crusades–vowed to disrupt the royal wedding and even threatened to start a riot during the celebrations, The Sun reported citing Scotland Yard officials.

Meanwhile, a right-wing group, the English Defence League, has also vowed to act against people who might try to wreck the royal event.

The Muslim group has set up a website showing pictures of Prince Harry with a tagline saying “Bestman is a Nazi”. It was referring to a 2005 photograph showing Harry at a friend’s birthday wearing a Nazi armband.

The site termed the royal family “enemies to Allah and his messenger”.

The British flag is shown in flames along with pictures of Muslim children who the group claims were killed by British soldiers.

The site asks William and Harry to “withdraw from the British military and give up all affiliation to the tyrannical British Empire”.

“We promise that should they refuse, the day the nation has been dreaming of will become a nightmare,” it says.

Police have said they could use stop-and-search powers to stop wedding protesters and guard against any terrorist threat.

8 responses to “Muslim Group Threatens to Disrupt William’s Wedding”

  1. Jack says:

    To the British Royal Family:

    Go ahead with the wedding and don’t let any Muslims stop it.

    The British goverment has a an insane liberal policy of collaborating with an ever increasing Muslim population that intends to take over and destroy the magnificent British culture that took centuries to create.

    I sure hope the native British population wakes up to this danger and takes action to prevent this from happening!

  2. olewhitelady says:

    As to previous comments blaming the English royals for the nation’s attitude regarding the darker ethnicities:

    Isn’t it the responsibility of elected officials to set such policy? Does anyone really expect the royals to behave in a way that rejects Britain’s laws?

    Also, let’s clarify the bit about Prince Harry wearing a Nazi armband. He was at a COSTUME party. Had he been dressed as Satan, it would have been okay with the left.

    Anyone who threatens the Queen, the head of state, can be readily shot–and I hope they are.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “They will still preach tolerance and acceptance of these nonwhite invaders.”

    They will preach tolerance and acceptance until the day that Africans have a knife at their throat, and even then, I’m sure they will murmur how the Africans are only acting out of pressure from white racists.

  4. Yorkshireman. says:

    LONDON – (November 2009) Ranting Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary is planning to peddle his hate to teenagers at a “jihad” summer school. According to the Daily Star, this vile extremist has appointed himself principal lecturer of a 20-week course in his twisted version of Islam, and there are fears that Choudary and his followers will indoctrinate a new generation of Muslim fanatics. The minimum age advertised is 15, but his School of Shari’ah has promised to consider even younger students. They will learn about the Islamic “struggle” and how to enter the “Gardens of Paradise”. Tory MP Philip Davies, 37, said: “This is appalling. We know what this character is like and the kinds of things he will be saying. We need summer schools to encourage people to integrate into British society. The last thing we need is individuals like this spreading their poison and indoctrinating more people into their cause.” Choudary, 41, has joined fellow fanatics to set up the School of Shari’ah, based in east London. (ANI)

  5. Yorkshireman. says:

    Some of Britain’s most dangerous suspected terrorists have received more than £600,000 of taxpayers’ money to pay for their living costs while they have been under surveillance by the security services. Twenty four suspects placed on control orders have on average received £25,000 each to spend on accommodation, council tax, utility bills and telephone costs, including phone cards, according to official figures. Since April 2007, the Home Office has spent £611,470 on “living costs” for people put under effective house arrest on the advice of MI5. In addition, the Government is also paying some of the suspects undisclosed sums in benefits. Their movements and actions are restricted because the security services believe that they pose a threat to public safety. They cannot be kept in prison because judges have ruled it would breach their human rights. However, they cannot be put on trial because the security services believe the information that would be used to prosecute them is too sensitive to disclose in court. Instead they are ordered to stay at home, under regular supervision. Because it is impractical for them to find work, the taxpayer has to pick up the bill for some living costs. One suspect received more than £9,000 in a single year, consisting of £7,744 towards his accommodation, £891 for utilities, £429 for council tax and £88 towards phone line rental. Control orders date back to 2005, when the Law Lords ruled that ministers could not legally hold terrorist suspects without trial. People subject to control orders legally cannot be identified, but are alleged by the security services to be terrorists who would pose a direct threat to national security if they were allowed to remain at large. Since 2005 a total of 44 people have been the subject of such orders. Of those, 24 have received money for their living expenses. One man previously put under a control order is Abu Qatada, a Muslim cleric whose sermons were said to have inspired Mohammed Atta, one of the ringleaders of the September 11 hijackers. Separate figures released under the Freedom of Information Act showed that the total cost to the Home Office of the control orders regime since April 2006 is £9.4 million. Since 2007, £180,000 has been paid to private security companies contracted to carry out “electronic monitoring” of the suspects. The Home Office figures do not include welfare payments. The Department for Work and Pensions said earlier this year that nine suspects were receiving some sort of welfare payments. Seven were receiving job seeker’s allowance. Despite being under regular surveillance by the security forces, at least seven suspects have absconded. Some are thought to have fled the country. Some people who have been subject to orders are said to be extremist preachers who do not directly participate in terrorism but encourage others to do so. The Home Office defended the continued use of control orders and the associated costs. A spokesman said: “When dealing with suspected terrorists, prosecution is, and will continue to be, our preferred approach. “Where we cannot prosecute, and the individual concerned is a foreign national, we look to detain and then deport them. “For those we cannot either prosecute or deport, control orders are the best available disruptive tool for managing the risk they pose.” Counter-terrorism police have recently arrested five men, including a Muslim preacher, after raids on a network allegedly sending young men to receive terrorist training abroad. Raids in Manchester and Bolton coincided with the arrest of a 26-year-old man at a hotel near Heathrow airport. Sources were unable to confirm suggestions that he was planning to travel to Pakistan or Afghanistan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “The Muslim group has set up a website showing pictures of Prince Harry with a tagline saying “Bestman is a Nazi”.”

    Considering that Muslims are the new Nazis, I would have thought that Prince Harry’s swastika costume would count as a reason for these Islamists to LIKE the Royal Family.

  7. Conrad says:

    The Royals are suffering from what I call the Quaker Disease, See Wilderness Empire by Allen W. Eckert.

    In short the Royals don’t care about the suffering of other people but when it is their blood being spilled it will be a hole new story.

  8. Jack in Chicago says:

    Only the Kennedy family in the US is ga ga about the British Royals, wants the Kennedys to be the American royal family – “Camelot” all that stuff.

    Folks, the sun has set on the British Empire.

    Whites in the UK need to embrace working class White folk heroes. This senile Queen who reads congratulation speeches to Robert Mugabe while his thugs are raping 12 year old Brit farm girls – and Prince Charles who loves all things Muslim.. the need to be sent packing.