Posted on February 15, 2011

Ohio State, Miami Universities Accused of Racial Bias in Admissions

Encarnacion Pyle, Columbus Dispatch, February 14, 2011

A group that fights race-based admissions policies at colleges says Ohio State and Miami universities discriminate against white and Asian students by favoring black applicants.

The Center for Equal Opportunity released a study this morning that {snip} says black students were favored at Miami by a ratio of 10-1 over white students with similar ACT scores, and that the ratio at Ohio State was 8-to-1. When comparing students with similar SAT scores, the group found a ratio of 8-1 ratio at Miami and 3-to-1 at Ohio State.

“The study shows that many, many students are rejected in favor of students with lower test scores and grades, and the reason is that they have the wrong skin color or their ancestors came from the wrong countries,” CEO chairwoman Linda Chavez said in a statement.


“As a state land-grant institution we value having a diverse group of students in our classrooms,” he [Dolan Evanovich, vice president for strategic enrollment planning at Ohio State] said.

Miami’s website also says “potential contributions to diversity” is among the factors the school considers. {snip}