Posted on January 19, 2011

Texas Leadership Announced to Mobilize Against Anti-Hispanic Laws

Press Release, Somos Republicans, January 17, 2011


National Hispanic Group Announces Texas Leadership

For Immediate Release

17 January 2011

Texas Contact: 281.236.8294

National Contact: 480.200.3748

Houston, TX –SOMOS REPUBLICANS is the largest conservative Hispanic Republican grassroots organization in the country committed to promoting positive, principled conservative solutions that confront our community and the nation today. Our mission is to inspire Hispanics based on our core principles: Limited Government, Right to Life, Free Market Capitalism, Low Taxes, Second Amendment Rights and Complete Legal Immigration Overhaul to join us in every state throughout the nation to change the direction of the country on behalf of Hispanics.

We realize the great state of Texas has just elected Republicans to the state legislature by an overwhelming majority and we are excited the opportunity this affords the governor and the legislature to truly represent the largest and fastest growing community in Texas: Hispanic conservatives.

On the eve of the Inaugural events that offers an exciting promise and opens new pathways for conservative Hispanic Republicans, we are proud to announce our dedicated Texas State Directors: Lauro Garza and Sam Rodriguez from Houston, and Alejandro Torrealba from Dallas/Ft. Worth. Our Texas team has been working hard, planning and organizing for several months to provide the voting public reasonable, rational and principled solutions to any federal legislation and Texas state bills that negatively impact the immigrant and the Hispanic community.

SOMOS REPUBLICANS will make a concerted effort to work to counter those who introduce any anti-Hispanic laws by offering reasonable legislation for consideration and taking to task any group or individual that demonizes or uses “spiteful political rhetoric” against the Hispanic community to promote their political standing or cause.

We are the first group in the United States that issued a report card that analyzes Hispanic related issues and their impact on the Constitution, the pro family agenda, the pro life agenda, and any topic related to immigration. In fact, SOMOS retracted its support to Rep. Dan Patrick recently when it was discovered that he is advocating legislation similar to Arizona’s SB 1070. We believe that a passive approach Hispanic Republicans have taken to date has been ineffective as we witness an onslaught of anti-immigrant laws proposed in many states but have not yet cleared federal court systems. Passiveness no longer works, and we know there is no choice but to responsibly right the wrongs of those attempting to undermine the US Constitution. We will work with all Republicans, Democrats and Independents who are against any attack against the Hispanic community as we continue to expose legislators who unjustly demonize the Hispanic community.

We will hold legislators like Leo Berman, Dan Flynn Debbie Riddle and Dan Patrick accountable in 2012 as we mobilize and educate Hispanics in the areas they represent. We can no longer stand idly by and watch our elected officials use Hispanics and the immigration issue in a way that rallies a small base that wishes to prevent Hispanics from participating in all constitutional guarantees this nation has to offer. We are growing, mobilizing, paying attention, and a keeping a score card for 2012.


Lauro Garza is a proud Catholic college educated professional with 25 years in law enforcement and has worked as an investigator. Currently, he produces Conservative Latino Talk Radio, with considerable growing Latino outreach in the Hispanic community. He is our Texas tenacious, watch dog that uses the airwaves to discuss the legislators and the bills they introduce that impact the Hispanic community and at their core are unconstitutional. Lauro will soon be the most listened to Hispanic Conservative Talk Radio show host in the nation as he expands his listening group, increases his circle of influence and continues to fearlessly tackle controversial individuals and issues.

Sam Rodriguez has been involved with Texas Republican politics and has been instrumental in 2010 Republican campaigns. As a member of the Evangelical community he is a strong pro life supporter and believes in the fair and equal treatment of fellow man.

Alejandro Torrealba is our leader in Dallas / Ft. Worth. . He is a teacher who believes that his purpose in life is to foster the intellectual and social development of his students, and make a positive impact in the Hispanic community. He is inspired by education and is called to share this inspiration through public service. His mission has led him to work specifically with low- income students in the poorest areas in the Dallas, Metroplex. He believes that with high-quality education any child in America can achieve his/her dreams. As a former minister of Central America, he naturally works well with the Evangelical community and keeps them informed regarding Hispanic friendly politicians and legislation.

We are developing and mobilizing in San Antonio, Austin, South Texas and West Texas, and we look forward to introducing those leaders to Tejanos and DREAM Act activists next month.

Texas Director: Lauro Garza

Texas Director: Sam Rodriguez

Dallas/Ft. Worth Director: Alejandro Torrealba

About Somos Republicans:

Somos Republicans is a national watchdog group and the largest Hispanic Republican grassroots organization in the nation because of our leadership that is pro immigration reform. The Mission of Somos Republicans is to promote political education and information needed to make more informed political decisions. To inspire the Hispanic people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their neighbors through collaborative political education, volunteer commitment and responsible participation in society. Our vision is to increase the Latino Republican voting block by 100% within two years. To increase voter registration, precinct committeemen recruitment, campaign volunteering, fundraising and events to reflect quality of future Latino leadership.