Posted on December 21, 2010

DREAM Act Students Vow Revolution After Act Fails in the Senate

Miguel Perez, Examiner (Phoenix), December 18, 2010

“This is war!” claims Phoenix student Aldemar Cruz. “Republicans may have stopped the DREAM Act, but they won’t prevent La Reconquista from happening. “White people, watch out!”

Olivia Perez, an undocumented student who claims she was forced to fill out false paperwork in order to stay in the United States, says, “Latinos need to fight back. We need to march. We need to scream. If necessary, we need to riot. We need to do everything Blacks did to get their civil rights!”


“Rioting and any type of violence won’t help our cause,” Ms. Cruz [Elena Cruz of the Center for Latino Right] tells this column. “We need to do our best to show this country how Latinos fit into the American Dream. We lost today, but we will prove ourselves very soon.”