Posted on October 14, 2010

Investigator’s Decapitation ‘Message to White House’

Jerome R. Corsi, WorldNetDaily, October 13, 2010

The decapitation of the lead Mexican investigator in the alleged murder of a jet-skier on a border lake is a sharp retort to President Obama’s administration, a Texas congressman said.

“The Mexican drug cartels just sent a message to the White House that the United States no longer controls the border,” Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, told WND.

The severed head of investigator Rolando Armando Flores Villegas was delivered this week to an army garrison in Ciudad Miguel Aleman in the Tamaulipas state in Mexico. The city is across the river from Zapata County, Texas, the location of Falcon Lake, where David Michael Hartley allegedly was killed by Mexican pirates while he was jet-skiing with his wife Tiffany.

“When the Los Zetas drug cartel commits a murder, they dispose of the body where it will never be found, or they use the body to send a message to law enforcement,” Poe said. “By decapitating Rolando Flores, the Mexican drug cartels sent a message to Mexico to stop investigating Hartley’s murder.”


Poe believes the Flores murder is just one more indication Mexico’s drug war is out of control and increasingly dangerous to U.S. citizens.

“The decapitation of Rolando Flores is a warning to the United States and to Mexico that this portion of the border is protected by the Zetas,” Poe said. “The Zetas intend to protect their drug routes on the border from law enforcement regardless whether that law enforcement is from Mexico or the United States.”

Poe doubts Mexico will make serious efforts to apprehend David Michael Hartley’s killers.

“Thousands of drug-related homicides are committed in Mexico every year, and very few are ever solved,” he stressed. {snip}


“Mexican law enforcement authorities do not control the lake–the pirates do,” he said. Tons of illegal drugs are warehoused on that island by the drug cartels for smuggling into the United States and the pirates are well armed.”