Posted on October 29, 2010

Briggs Suspects Race Behind Bears’ Nightclub Snub

Vaughn McClure, WGN-TV (Chicago), October 28, 2010

Linebacker Lance Briggs said a Chicago nightclub’s decision to deny entry to 20-plus Bears players Monday night might have had something to do with race.

Briggs confirmed a Sun-Times report stating a group of Bears, of varied races, was turned down at Angels and Kings nightclub, located at 710 N. Clark.

“It probably was,” Briggs, who is black, said Thursday when asked if he thought the snub was racially motivated. “I didn’t get all the details and everything was hearsay, but there shouldn’t have been a problem with any of us getting in.


Brian Urlacher’s brother, Casey (who is white), set up the event as part of the team’s “rookie night,” celebration. He reserved four tables at Angels and Kings that were supposed to be roped off in the V.I.P. section.

{snip} Casey Urlacher went to the door [of the club] and was told by the promoters he could not bring the group inside because there were too many men.

It is not uncommon for a Chicago nightclub to keep a group of five or more men from entering a club without any women in their party.


Idonije [defensive linemen Israel Idonije, who was already inside the club] responded “absolutely not” when asked if thought the incident was racial.


The club released the following statement:

“Every Monday night, operations of the bar are turned over to an outside vendor who hosts special events. We understand that this Monday night, members of the Chicago Bears were not admitted to the venue. We have terminated our relationship with the outside vendor. We will continue to investigate the facts and have started to reach out and apologize to the various Bears players who were involved.”