Posted on September 13, 2010

Monica Conyers to Begin 3-Year Prison Term Today at W.Va. Camp Cupcake

Tresa Baldas, Detroit Free Press, September 10, 2010


But come 2 o’clock today, Monica Conyers’ fight to stay out of prison should be officially over when she begins her 37-month prison sentence at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia.

The facility, nicknamed Camp Cupcake, is nestled among the bucolic foothills of the Allegheny Mountains in West Virginia along the Greenbrier River. It looks like a college campus–and is called that by locals–and has housed celebrity convicts such as Martha Stewart.


Conyers pleaded guilty in 2009 to taking bribes to vote for Synagro Technologies’ $1.2-billion sludge disposal deal.

Her last-ditch effort to stay out of prison was shot down Thursday when a federal appellate court denied her request to remain free on bond until it considers her appeal.

Conyers is trying to withdraw her guilty plea. A federal judge has already refused her request. {snip}


At sentencing March 10, she tried to withdraw her guilty plea, saying: “I just don’t feel that I should go to jail for something that I didn’t do.”