Posted on August 19, 2010

Mexicans, South Americans, Latin Americans, Turks and Cubans: All Coming to Europe via the EU

BNP News, August 16, 2010

It is well known that America is currently being crushed by a tidal wave of Mexican “immigrants” but less well known is the fact that Mexicans, Cubans and Latin and South Americans are also pouring into Europe, courtesy of the European Union.

The absurd situation has come about because of a decision by the Spanish government to grant citizenship to any person who has a far-off distant relation who might have left that country up to 80 years ago at the time of the Spanish Civil War.

According to official figures released by the Spanish government, there have been 161,463 applications for Spanish citizenship under the new law since it came into force in January this year.

Some 95 percent of these applications are from Latin American countries. Another 82,000 Cubans have applied for Spanish passports and it is estimated that at least 150,000 Mexicans are eligible.

Of this number, more than 14,000 have already been given Spanish citizenship and reports claim that there are “huge queues” of passport-seekers forming every day outside the Spanish embassy in Mexico City.

These figures do not, of course, include spouses, children or parents, all of whom will qualify for residence as dependents of EU nationals.

It is well known that Britain is the number one target for immigrants entering the EU because of the lavish benefits on offer in this country and the insane straitjacket of political correctness which prevents scroungers from being deported.

It is not only Spain which has opened the door to even larger numbers of non-EU nationals to enter Europe.

The Bulgarian and Romanian governments have also enacted laws granting passports to people who are considered to have distant connections with those countries.

According to new laws in Bulgaria and Romania, people who have the most tenuous links to those nations and who now live in Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and the Ukraine also qualify for EU-valid passports.

Reports claimed that some 4.7 million people are estimated to be eligible for EU citizenship in this manner.

All of these people are completely unaffected by the nonsense Tory “immigration cap” which only applies to non-EU nationals.

Furthermore, it was the Tory government under John Major which signed Britain up to the “free movement of EU nationals” directive in the first place.