Posted on July 29, 2010

Waco Ross Store Accepts Pesos; Customers’ Reactions Mixed

Megan Fleetwood, KWTX-TV (Waco), July 29, 2010

The Waco Ross Dress for Less Store has been accepting pesos in payment for clothes, accessories, decorations and more and customers’ reactions are mixed.

Some said Wednesday they’re concerned the dollar could be devalued if the practice spreads to other businesses.

Customer Amy Silva told News 10, “I think we need to stand up and say, ‘Stop this.’ This is America, and we have an American dollar.”


But other customers called the decision to accept Mexican currency a positive move.

Yolanda Reveles said, “A lot of people here that come from different places and have the pesos like you’re talking about. So I think it’s great if they can spend their money too.”


Some locally owned stores in the area also accept dollars and pesos, and the Pizza Patron chain began accepting Mexican currency more than three years ago.