Posted on July 21, 2010

The Great Tea Party/NAACP Racism Fiasco

James Edwards, The Political Cesspool, July 19, 2010


{snip} Last week, the NAACP passed a resolution condemning the “racism” of the Tea Party movement, and demanding that the movement purge itself of those hideous “racists” in their grass roots movement. Yes, the very same mental midgets who just a few weeks ago were condemning a Hallmark greeting card with an outer space theme because they think “black holes” means “black hos”, an organization which is explicitly organized for the exclusive benefit of one race of people, and whose name contains the words “Colored People”, actually had the gall to pass this resolution.

This was a great opportunity for the Tea Party movement to show some backbone by laughing in the face of the imbeciles at the NAACP. But did they? Of course not. Predictably, they responded in the same tired, pusillanimous manner with which they always respond to these never ending accusations. Instead of replying with a loud BWAHAHAHA! or a “Yeah? What’s your point?” or “So what?” or “Of course we’re racists–we’re white people. That’s what “racist” means” or “Can any of you race hustlers even spell “racist”?”, they predictably went into their usual bend over and grab their ankles mode. They protested that oh no, we’re not racists at all, we don’t tolerate racists at our rallies which are really huge rainbow coalitions, and it’s the NAACP and the liberals who are the real racists, etc., etc. You know, the lame “Bull Connor was a Democrat!” defense. It never works, but they just keep trotting it out like some lucky charm in the vain hope that this time it will work. But, as always, it never does. They also pointed out the “hypocrisy” of a race based group like the NAACP calling another group racist, proving yet again that they haven’t got a clue. Favoring the black race over the white race isn’t “racist”; being white is racist. I guess they think that the NAACP and the media just never realized that the NAACP is a race based organization, and if they point it out, they’ll all slap their heads and realize their mistake, and the NAACP will disband, and the media will start treating all race based groups as racist, not just white ones.


Racist means white person. Period. Until the Tea Partiers get that through their heads, nothing’s going to change, and they’re never going to be an effective political force. They really, really need to read Racism, Schmacism.


But one Tea Party leader, Mark Williams, decided to take things a step further, and thought he’d try his hand at “satire” to lampoon the NAACP. He wrote Mark Williams’ Letter to Abe Lincoln from The Coloreds, {snip}


Well, sir, no sooner did Mark Williams hit “Publish” on that letter than the diversity hit the fan. Liberals went insane, “the coloreds” went ape, and even many of Mark Williams’ fans and supporters left comments telling him how “offensive” and “racist” his attempt at satire was. But he wasn’t backing down. He stood by his post. For a while. Then he did make a few minor changes. You know, because he wasn’t backing down!


A lot of good it did him, though. On Sunday, the head of the National Tea Party Federation went on Face The Nation and announced that Mark Williams and his group, the Tea Party Express, had been kicked out of the Tea Party Federation for “racism.”


Well, Mark Williams deserves to be expelled from the Tea Party movement. Not for the letter he wrote, which is actually pretty funny and is “offensive” only because it’s pretty much true. No, he should have been kicked out of the movement, a long time ago, because he’s a bald faced liar. You just watched him lie through his teeth on that video, claiming that race had nothing to do with his letter. But that’s nothing. Not long ago, he claimed that he was “in the streets marching for civil rights” while Southern sheriffs were beating black protesters. According to an article linked to on his own website, Mark Williams graduated from high school in 1974. So he was born around 1956. Southern sheriffs were beating black Civil Rights protesters in the late 1950s and early 1960s. And Mark Williams was “in the streets marching for civil rights” at the same time?

When he was four or five years old?

Mark Williams is just a lying sleazebag who likes to be on TV. Let’s be honest–anyone who wrote that letter isn’t very fond of black people. Period. Yet he panders to blacks non-stop, claiming he was marching in the street for them when he was in diapers. {snip}

And how about David Webb, the head of the National Tea Party Federation? Blacks make up maybe 1 out of every 150 people at Tea Party rallies, if that, so a black man heads up the federation? {snip} David Webb also wants to have a joint meeting with the NAACP. {snip} He has another group, Tea Party 365, which is holding a get together on July 31 in Philadelphia called Uni-Tea. {snip} You might have guessed that from the stupid, ghetto sounding name. Uni-Tea is supposed to show blacks “how Big Government is robbing you of jobs, money, education and opportunity!”

Thirteen speakers are lined up; nine of them are black. {snip} Another of the white speakers is that sleazy scumbag Andrew Breitbart, who called Jared Taylor “despicable” for holding meetings aimed at promoting white people’s interests. Here’s the link to the video–go to the 6:40 mark to see Breitbart insult Jared Taylor. Jared is a “despicable” human being for organizing meetings for white people, but it’s fine for scumbag Breitbart to attend a meeting aimed at blacks.

Here’s the kicker. In the Face The Nation video, at the 7:00 mark, David Webb says he wants the NAACP leadership to attend the Uni-Tea rally so that America can finally have a national forum about race. Uni-Tea is a meeting for black people. The NAACP is an organization for black people. And in the opinion of the head of the Tea Party Federation, if you combine the two, you’ve got a “national forum” on race, even though no white people are invited.

That’s what you get when you install black people in leadership positions in the Tea Party. And the only reason David Webb is at the head of the Tea Party Federation is because Tea Partiers don’t want to be called racist.


Does anyone else see the complete absurdity of this situation? A movement that’s 95% white has somehow become solely focused on black people. They like to “brag” that one survey found that the Tea Party is only about 75% white, but that’s nonsense, as anyone can see for themselves. It’s a white movement. They used to stand for something–limited government, lower taxes, no bail outs, etc. They came together to do something about their concerns, and their meetings were open to all. But blacks don’t care about that stuff, so very few of them show up. And because they believe that white people have no legitimate interests, Tea Parties started bending over backwards to pander to blacks and fill their podiums with them, so liberals would stop calling them the R word.

And now it’s nothing but all black people, all the time. When they’re not promoting tokens to leadership positions, they’re accusing the NAACP of being racists and hating blacks, then they’re turning around and inviting the NAACP to strategize with them on the best ways to deal with the problems blacks face, or they’re screaming “Democrats are the real racists! {snip} For crying out loud, after this episode, the Tea Party movement might as well merge with the NAACP.


{snip} A movement that could have been powerful has been brought to its knees because of white people’s silly, abject fears of being called a six letter word. So they spend all their time trying to attract the people who have no interest in their movement, and never will. And what do they get in return? They get called “racist” yet again, and they immediately go back to groveling.

Every Tea Partier in America needs to read Racism, Schmacism.

[James Edwards’s book Racism, Schmacism can be read here.]