Posted on July 27, 2010

Charges of Racism Are About Politics

John Hawkins, Human Events, July 27, 2010


{snip} Racism among whites became almost universally unacceptable. People my age and younger [have] never had to reform or “give up our racist ways” because the overwhelming majority of us were never racist in the first place.

Although racism exists, it has been marginalized in American society. {snip}

Although this is a taboo subject that’s seldom fully discussed in public, being black is often an advantage, not a disadvantage, when it comes to work or going to school. Talented black students have a much easier time getting into schools of their choice and getting scholarships than white students.

The government actually discriminates against white people in an effort to favor black workers. Businesses will often work harder to recruit talented black workers for diversity purposes and are more reluctant to fire black workers because they fear lawsuits. The advantages of being black in today’s society are larger and more pervasive than the disadvantages black Americans face because of their race.

Yet, as the evidence of actual bigotry against black Americans has become more and more scarce, the cries of racism have gotten ever louder. People have been accused of racism over the last two years for voting for John McCain, disagreeing with Obama, opposing healthcare, going to Tea Parties, listening to Rush Limbaugh, being Republican, wanting to secure the border, working for Fox News–it goes on and on.


Black Americans in this country have been voting for the Democratic Party, practically en masse for 40 years and they have very little to show for it. Moreover, black Americans tend to agree with Republicans on issues like abortion, illegal immigration, school choice, and gay marriage. So, how do the Democrats manage to hold 90% of the black vote when the Republican Party is a better fit for a large number of black voters?

{snip} The sad reality is that an average black man who agrees with the GOP on most of the issues and lives in a city the Democrats have run into the ground for decades will go to the polls and vote for a Democrat over a Republican because he’s been told that Republican is racist.


{snip} The people who get to be the ultimate authorities on what counts as racism have financial and political motives to see racism everywhere and to accuse Republicans of being the ones fermenting it.

The media, which is loaded with people like Spencer Ackerman, and the Democratic Party which is loaded with people like Mary Frances Berry, do everything they can to amplify the charges. It’s a good way to change the subject, it keeps black voters in line, and it hurts their political opponents. Our political system rewards liberals handsomely for making false charges of racism and so they do it constantly.

We now live in an Orwellian world where the government openly discriminates against white Americans, most black Americans openly advocate discriminating in their favor based on the color of their skin, businesses and schools discriminate in favor of black Americans.

Yet people who see every issue through the prism of race regularly accuse the people who don’t, of being racist.

{snip}, it’s also fair to say that false charges of racism are actually doing more damage than actual racism.

It’s bad enough that reputations are being smeared and people are even losing their jobs without cause in some cases, but these cries of racism are convincing black Americans of something that’s not even remotely true: That a large percentage of their fellow Americans hate them because of the color of their skin. {snip}