Posted on June 2, 2010

Nuclear Energy Found More Popular With Austrians Than Islam

Austrian Times (Canterbury, England), June 1, 2010

Most Austrians like the term “safety” while the word “Islam” creates positive feelings with just three per cent, a new poll on word association has revealed.

Linz-based researchers IMAS said today (Tues) 69 per cent of the 1,055 people aged 16 and older they interviewed said they liked the word “safety”. The term “justice” drew the second-best result with 65 per cent followed by “order” (61 per cent) and “work” (56 per cent).

A meagre 17 per cent said the term “multicultural” has a positive meaning for them, while only 15 per cent have a positive opinion of the term “European Union”.

“Islam” was found to be the least popular term with a support of just three per cent.

Terms like “foreigners” (six per cent) and “nuclear energy” (four per cent) were found to be more popular. Austria has been one of the most outspoken opponents of nuclear energy in Europe for decades.

These findings come just weeks after IMAS found that 54 per cent of Austrians agreed with the statement “Islam poses a threat for the west and our familiar lifestyle”. Just 19 per cent disagreed with the claim, while 27 per cent were undecided.

The agency also found in April that 72 per cent of Austrians believed Muslims would “not stick to the rules” when it comes to living in Austria. Only one in ten of the Austrians IMAS spoke to said they disagreed with the allegation that Muslims were badly integrated in the country.