Posted on May 11, 2010

Student Group Disbanded After Blacks-Only Field Trip

Jana Winter, Fox News, May 10, 2010

The Michigan school district investigating whether an elementary school field trip that excluded white students was illegal has disbanded the black-students-only academic support group that participated in the outing two weeks ago.

“We have essentially put it on hold while we wait for the final determination on the investigation into possible violation of the State’s Proposal 2,” Ann Arbor School District spokeswoman Liz Margolis told


“The intent of our field trip was not to segregate or exclude students, as has been reported, but rather to address the societal issues, roadblocks and challenges that our African-American children will face as they pursue a successful academic education here in our community,” Madison [Principal Mike Madison, who is black] wrote.

But instead of quashing tensions, the letter fueled a week of controversy and an onslaught of parental complaints that culminated late last week in the school district’s launch of an investigation into whether the field trip violated Proposal 2, a new state law that bans racial favoritism in public schools.


“It is likely this lunch program will be reworked to serve more students who are not testing at proficient or above on the state assessment tests,” said Margolis, who last week told that the principal’s motives were not in question.