Posted on May 24, 2010

Ear-Biter Apologizes, Gets 60-Day Sentence

Pat Pheifer, Star Tribune (Minneapolis-St. Paul), May 20, 2010

Susan Mwarabu apologized profusely and repeatedly Thursday before she was sentenced in Ramsey County District Court for biting off–and apparently swallowing–part of a man’s ear.

{snip} Mwarabu {snip} lost her teaching job at Northfield Middle School after she was charged in the incident. It happened March 14 at the Uptowner Cafe in St. Paul.

Mwarabu, 31, of Rochester, pleaded guilty April 5 to felony third-degree assault. She did not know her victim, Christopher Hough, 33, before the incident. {snip}

District Judge Rosanne Nathanson gave Mwarabu a stay of imposition sentence and up to five years on probation. She was ordered to serve 60 days, but can do so on home monitoring or other programming if she is eligible.


Nathanson gave Mwarabu until Sept. 2 to turn herself in after her attorneys requested she be able to visit her ill mother in Kenya before she reports to the workhouse.