Posted on April 28, 2010

Tea Party Stands With Arizona

Dale Robertson,, April 28, 2010

Arizona law says their state has an obligation to protect its citizens, and to be accurate, Uncle Sam has repeatedly failed to protect Border States.

I was not surprise the decision was handed down in favor of the Arizona Citizens. Furthermore, I believe Arizona has a solid argument to back up their safety claim.

Example, last year, Phoenix, Arizona was named the “kidnapping capitol” of America, but it doesn’t end there. The majority of those Phoenix abductions were the results of the Mexican drug cartel wars just a few miles south over the Mexican border.

Who can forget just a few weeks ago, an Arizonan rancher with a history of assisting illegal aliens cross the border was shot and killed on his own property, by what some claim, was a gunman who fled across the border back into Mexico. The irony is, many of the illegal aliens who trespassed over his land, trashed in the process, his thank you was Death.

Since Washington has thrown the Constitution under the bus and views it as a “living document” a new era of quasi-interpretations are boiling forth from the Washington stink tanks. After reviewing the 10th Amendment with the new eyes of progressive thinking one can only ask the question, “Should our nation function without law?”

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Get this, our United States, has been run by the federal government, who, holds the power to protect the borders. However, the federal government has failed miserably to not only protect our borders, but in some cases created a attractive nuisance to attract illegal aliens into our beloved nation. Therefore, one can argue that Washington has abandoned their rights of protection, since the Constitution is now living, it can now create new ways to rule us.

Because of the lax and disingenuous actions of the federal government who have chosen not to protect our borders, that doesn’t mean that the problem of national trespass evaporates! This means the Border States are hung out to dry, in other words, they must protect themselves. Point taken is because a right is not exercised doesn’t mean that right is destroyed. But the obligation not fulfill a right can be considered an obligation which has been abandoned.

Arizona to Washington: “You have abandoned us, we must protect ourselves”

Washington to Arizona: “just because we aren’t protecting you, doesn’t mean you can protect yourself.”

Of all the gall, one would think Washington should be shamed of destroying its own Citizens, but no! Instead they are fighting for their right to . . . well, do absolutely nothing!

The Tea Party? We stand with Arizona and why shouldn’t we. The federal government doesn’t give a hoot about us, except we are the cash cows they must keep milking and if a few of us are murdered, kidnapped or abducted into Mexico, well that the cost of doing business!

[Dale Robertson is the founder/president of Tea Party]