Posted on April 30, 2010

Border Action, E-mail Blast, April 29, 2010

E-mail Blast, Border Action, April 29, 2010

Dear Supporter:

A lot of you have been asking us “what’s next?” since Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed what has become dubbed the “Papers Please” law, SB1070, last week. Strong coalition efforts have come together throughout the state and across the country to develop a comprehensive “push-back” on the new law. We all need to take action to denounce and undercut this law. We also need your financial support to sustain this struggle on the ground in Arizona. If you haven’t already, please make a contribution to Border Action today so that we have the resources to push back with everything this struggle needs and deserves.

To get this shameful, illegal, immoral and unjust law over-turned, we are working with groups and leaders across the state and country to move the struggle to the next phase. Below are brief descriptions of the emerging strategies.

1) Taking it to the Courts: Today, the Arizona ACLU, MALDEF and the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) are holding a press conference to announce the legal challenges and request for injunctive relief. The law will come into effect 90 days after the Arizona legislature adjourns, which it’s expected to do Thursday, April 29th. An injunction, if granted by the court, would block the law’s implementation until the court can hear the larger legal challenge.

2) Infórmate, Prepárate y Únete/Get Informed, Prepared and United: We are working furiously to pull together a bilingual popular-education campaign that explains what the law says, what our rights are in relation to it, how to be prepared if we are detained and how to report any incidents and find resources. From radio, tv, print, online and in schools, churches, neighborhood centers near you, we will get the word out clearly and quickly what this law means to each and everyone of us. We’ll announce when the materials are downloadable.

3) We’re Not Going to Obey! Working with groups across the state, we will be kicking off a campaign in which you pledge not to obey this unjust and illegal law. We will pack the jails if we need to and we will turn around and bring charges against the agencies that violate our Constitutional rights. Soon, you will be able to sign a pledge, receive cards that you can give law enforcement and a packet you can use to encourage local law enforcement not to participate in implementing SB1070. We’ll announce when the materials are downloadable.

4) President Obama: Invalidate SB1070! Go to to send a message to the Administration that they must take action against this law. President Obama can issue an Executive Order and he can instruct federal agencies not to cooperate with Arizona.

5) Arizona Boycott Clearinghouse: In the coming days, a new website will be launched that lists the companies that support SB1070 and its sponsors and those that are publicly opposed to it. Boycotts are being called all around the world. We need to know about them! The site, which is being run by Somos America -a great Phoenix-based coalition of nearly 30 organizations! -will be tracking who is doing what, where and when so that we can quantify the impact of all your actions.

6) Take to the Polls! We need your help to make this year the most effective, coordinated year of voter mobilization. Border Action Network and many other groups are fanning out to ensure that you, your friends and neighbors are registered, informed and turn out to vote this year. To volunteer, contact us at [email protected]

Squashing what has become the nation’s worst attack on communities of color and basic civil rights is no longer just an Arizona fight. We need Arizonans and the entire nation to stand up and speak up. Take action and make a contribution to ensure that this struggle has the resources necessary on the ground to keep the fight going. Donate Here!

Hasta la Victoria!

Jennifer Allen, Executive Director

Jaime Farrant, Policy Director

Hilary Tone, Communications Coordinator

Jill Nunes, Membership and Events Coordinator

Julissa Villa, Organizing Coordinator

Michael Monyak, Administrator