Posted on April 9, 2010

Asian-American Dems Take Offense at DCCC Hawaii Move

Ben Smith, The Politico, April 8, 2010

Asian-American Democrats are criticizing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for favoring a white former congressman from Hawaii over the Asian-American State Senate President in a hotly contested special election to represent a majority-minority Hawaii district.


“Imagine the disgruntled reaction were the DCCC to step into a contested special election in a predominantly African-American or Latino district,” Dutta [Gautam Dutta, the Asian American Action Fund executive director] pointedly added.

Viewing Case as the stronger candidate, the DCCC is reportedly quietly siding with former Rep. Ed Case over state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa in a nonpartisan election that also features a strong Republican candidate. {snip} Case, whose wife is Asian-American, has always been popular among Asian-American constituents, but the increasingly organized national Asian-American political class has long felt slighted by Democrats.


Another prominent Asian-American operative said Asian-American Democrats see the move as “beyond an affront” and that there’s an effort to organize a boycott of the DCCC by Asian-American donors.