Posted on March 25, 2010

Race in America: Restructuring Inequality National Conference

University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work and Center on Race & Social Problems

The University of Pittsburgh has set the stage for a solution-focused dialogue on race, one that will bring together some of the best minds on this important subject [June 3-6, 2010]. Pitt’s School of Social Work and the school’s Center on Race and Social Problems will host Race in America: Restructuring Inequality, a national conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. Register for this conference today!

Times of challenge provide the opportunity to create change. As the nation continues its efforts to recover from an economic downturn, there has never been a better time to re-examine and correct racial inequalities in American society. It is our intent to make this the best conference ever on race in America. More importantly, it is our goal to make it the most useful one.”

–Larry E. Davis, dean of the School of Social Work and Donald M. Henderson Professor at the University of Pittsburgh.

Who should attend?

* Academic researchers

* Community leaders and organizers

* Community members

* Economists

* Educators

* Health care professionals

* Law professionals

* Policy makers

* Psychologists

* Social workers

* Sociologists

Join us for this dialogue on race and how it relates to every facet of society–from the economy, to families, to the criminal justice system.