Posted on February 19, 2010

Winter Olympics Offer Concrete Proof That America Is Still a Racist Country

Principles of Progressive Politics, February 18, 2010

If anyone thinks the United States had finally shed its vile, racist ways with the election of Barack Obama, think again. One simply needs to watch the 2010 Winter Olympics–it’s proof that the United States hasn’t progressed–it’s still the same racist nation it’s always been. White institutionalized racism is more alive than ever, and clearly it permeates the USOC (United States Olympic Committee). For those people-of-color who haven’t had time to watch the winter Olympics, the USOC’s website has photos of the “Team USA” athletes:

{snip} It seems 95% (or more) of the athletes are white. I thought this nation had moved past Jim Crow laws? Perhaps technically it did, but in practical terms, Jim Crow is alive and well. White privilege once again rears its ugly head and people-of-color are subject to it during two weeks of Winter Olympic games in Vancouver.


The USOC is a publicly funded entity–your tax dollars are funding this racist organization–demand justice!

In looking towards the next Winter Olympics four years from now, mandatory racial quotas must determine the racial/ethnic makeup of “Team USA 2014”. Such quotas should reflect the racial breakdown of the United States, percentage-wise. All people of moral character should work towards correcting our de facto Jim Crow society.