Posted on February 19, 2010

What Does ‘Racial Socialism’ Sound Like to You?

James Lewis, American Thinker, February 19, 2010

The United States today has slipped toward race-based socialism: That’s the true name for an overwhelming bias for one race above others, in employment, promotion, and educational opportunities. Our media are constantly stirring the witch’s brew of racial grievances, constantly making black people feel aggrieved and white people feel accused. Our schools drive that lesson home with young and innocent kids in a totally ruthless way. Repeat that for twelve years of schooling and TV, and you have a brainwashed kid.

That is what European socialists have done with class envy for the last hundred years: whip up the poor against the middle and the rich. It’s in their standard bag of tricks. The American Left has just added racial grievances to class anger and resentment, always feeding more and more power to the racial socialists to buy peace for the very grievances they have whipped up in the first place. The NAACP today practices racial socialism. So does Obama. “Racial Socialism” drives the Left’s current assault on American values. That’s why Jeremiah Wright is such a significant part of Obama’s life. {snip}

Only 12.3 percent of Americans are black, and they cannot command a majority vote. It’s therefore necessary to add gender socialism, because half the population are women. {snip}

We are no longer a society run by talent, work, and opportunity. Like ancient Egypt and Sumer, we are a society where the ruling class exploits its productive workers by taxing their labor, talent, and ability to recognize and use new opportunities.

Barack H. Obama is the logical outcome of racial socialism. You can see it in his words and actions, and his very physical stance, all signaling his sense of superiority, the flip-side of feelings of inferiority he is reacting against. Obama’s core support came from the Leftist alliance of grievance groups in spite of his total lack of relevant experience. {snip}


That is also why Obama’s Dreams from My Father is an important policy statement, whether Bill Ayers wrote it or not. Obama is a post-colonial socialist, as was his father–a Kenyan who wanted revenge against white Britons who ran colonial Kenya. That is why as president, Obama bizarrely tries to diss the Brits–both the Queen and socialist Prime Minister Gordon Brown–while bowing low to autocrats like the king of Saudi Arabia. There is something very regressive about that. It is looking to the past, not the present or the future.


But don’t we owe black Americans something for the sins of slavery? Just like we owe women for the sins of sexism, and gays for the sins of heterosexuality?

The answer is no. {snip}

But that is precisely what Racial Socialism is all about. But a society based on racial compensation turns into a tyranny, just as a society based on racial superiority does. Real democracy allows individuals to overcome their circumstances. But you can’t overcome your race, your gender, or, in some cases, your sexual preferences. America is therefore being driven relentlessly toward a European ruling class model based on inheritance and not talent, hard work, and opportunity.

Race-based socialism is not progressive, but radically regressive, {snip}. The Left is always pointing the finger at mainstream America for the sin of racism. But racial divide and conquer is precisely the deliberate strategy of the Left.

In Britain, Labour politicians have finally confessed that they has deliberately imported hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Muslims to serve as cheap wedge-voters against British whites, while constantly accusing normal, decent people of racism. Throughout Western societies, the Left has conducted a mean and cynical assault on the mainstream of society, constantly undermining normal people while laying claim to a higher morality.