Posted on February 17, 2010

Solidarity With Those We Disagree With

DK, The Kvetcher, February 17, 2010

“If you hold this conference I will go in there and shoot you.”

If we do not allow for free speech for those whom we disagree with and perhaps even scare us just a bit, how much do we truly value free speech? And if the AMREN conference is now suddenly aborted because of threats and pressures, what has happened to our nation?

What Jeffrey Imm and the “One People’s Project” have done is horrible. It is a blatant form of reverse discrimination.

Solidarity is demanded.

AMREN’s website is here. Free speech should cover White Nationalists. Not just Jewish nationalists, Muslim nationalists, La Raza nationalists, black nationalists, but even White Nationalists. Why? Because we’re crazy like that. Or at least, we used to be.

Below is a segment of the debate between the far-Left Tim Wise and AMREN’s Jared Taylor. Out of solidarity for Mr. Taylor’s and AMREN’s right to assemble, please give it a listen. It’s part of a series. And I give both Wise and Taylor credit for their willingness to debate someone with such a radically different P.O.V. than themselves, all the while staying cool.

[The audio of the debate between Jared Taylor and Tim Wise can be heard here. A transcript of the debate is available here.]