Posted on February 3, 2010

Dems Reach Out to Lou Dobbs to Build Backing for Immigration Reform

Alexander Bolton, The Hill, January 28, 2010

Senate Democrats have reached out to former CNN anchor and prominent illegal-immigration opponent Lou Dobbs in an effort to build broad bipartisan support for immigration reform.

Winning the support of Dobbs, who became a prominent critic of illegal immigration and proposals to grant amnesty to illegal workers, could provide a significant boost to reform efforts.


Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who is spearheading the Democrats’ effort to put together a comprehensive reform bill, met with Dobbs on Wednesday.

“We’re meeting with all different kinds of groups, trying to get everybody together to come out for one bill,” Schumer said.


Schumer noted that Dobbs, who left CNN in November, is “changing his views on immigration.”

The third-ranking member of the Democratic leadership said he is looking for two Republicans to co-sponsor legislation.

“We have to have this bill be a bipartisan bill [and have] two Democrats and two Republicans to introduce it,” Schumer said. “We’re not there yet; we’re still working on getting our Republicans.”