Posted on January 22, 2010

Census Figures Challenge Views of Race and Ethnicity

Sam Roberts, New York Times, January 22, 2010


{snip} . . . according to the report from American Community Survey data, which was released Wednesday {snip} Africa now accounts for one in three foreign-born blacks in this country, another modern record.

{snip} The foreign born are more likely to list their nation of origin when identifying race or ethnicity.


{snip} As a result of intermarriage with native-born Americans, a growing number of American children–now more than one in four under the age of 6–are being raised by at least one foreign-born parent.


Among the nation’s 37.3 million blacks, more than 8 percent are now foreign born, compared with 1 percent in 1960. Of those, more than half came from the Caribbean. Some 34 percent emigrated from Africa, compared with 1 percent in 1960.

{snip} . . . in 2008, the number of African-born Americans topped one million for the first time.

Seventy-eight percent of native-born Americans reported their race as white, followed by 13 percent who said they were black. Among the foreign born, 46 percent identified themselves as white and 23 percent as Asian.


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