Posted on December 7, 2009

Hard-Line Immigration Group Pulls Backing From Dobbs

Foon Rhee, Boston Globe, December 3, 2009

Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs became a hero in some quarters–and reviled in others–for his outspokenness on illegal immigration.

But now a leading group on the issue is withdrawing its support–including taking down websites urging Dobbs to run for president in 2012–because it says he has changed his tune.


In the Telemundo interview late last month, Dobbs was asked how he would fix the immigration system.

“We need a rational, effective and humane immigration policy in this country,” he said. Dobbs also said, “We need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants on certain conditions.”

And he said, “We need to be able to influence the direction of the conversation toward securing the border because until we can control immigration, we cannot meaningfully, substantively alter immigration law because it would have no point if we cannot establish the basis for the control of the flow of people across that border.”

ALIPAC [Americans for Legal Immigration PAC] said it is suspending the operations of two Dobbs fan websites, including one that it says had raised more than $660,000 for a possible candidacy and another on Facebook.

“We’ve received so many demands from prior Dobbs supporters to remove their pledges of support that we have to suspend all operations on the Dobbs fan sites,” Gheen added. “Lou Dobbs has deeply offended his base of supporters and ALIPAC is going to remain loyal to those Americans who support our existing immigration laws instead of amnesty disguised as reform.”

A grassroots immigration enforcement advocacy organization is withdrawing its support for Lou Dobbs’ possible presidential bid after the former CNN anchor and commentator told a Spanish language television network that he now supports amnesty for illegal aliens.


But recently Dobbs created shockwaves when he told Telemundo that he now supports the idea of providing a so-called “pathway to citizenship for millions of illegals.”

William Gheen (ALIPAC–Americans for Legal Immigration PAC)William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, explains why the organization is appalled by his words.

“Lou Dobbs went on Telemundo Network on November 20th, and the full copy of the interview we got had him talking about a form of amnesty or path to citizenship for illegal aliens on several occasions,” Gheen explains. “He also apologized for not speaking Spanish to the audience and a bunch of other stuff that we saw as surrender and capitulation, especially considering that the La Raza pro-amnesty groups are now celebrating his departure from CNN. He also went on to say he doesn’t support deportation. He didn’t say he didn’t support mass deportations, he said he doesn’t support deportation at all.”