Posted on October 15, 2009

Hate Crimes Against Minorities in South Africa

Henri LeRiche, Global Politician, October 10, 2009

Brandon Huntley, a “white” South African, was recently granted asylum in Canada. It is a direct result of notable genocidal conditions that are steadily on the rise in South Africa. There is a common resistance by the majority of South Africans, to Mr Huntley’s charges that he fears for his life. That he is being targeted by criminals, because he is a “white” minority. It is funny how the ANC-led South African government shouted “racist” when a “white” man from Africa applied for asylum due to percecution, and failed to see the reverse racism they were guilty of. After all, this came from the same government that called Europe “racist” when ahtlete Caster Semenya had to go for a gender test .It turned out she is a hermaphrodite and the race card was just a ploy to cover a lie. In South Africa the race “card” is often used as a weapon by the government in order to silence its enemies and gain support for its racial policies.

In Canada, the South African Civil Rights group, Afriforum, is going to put evidence on the table for the world to see. Evidence that is going to make the South African government very uncomfortable and dance to the tune of ‘”Truth is the biggest enemy of any government.” The hope is that the ANC led, South African government will be held accountable in an international court, for the human desperation which now exists within some of the white communities in South Africa. We contend that the South African government has been actively, concealing the truth, not only from the international community, but also from many of South Africa’s own citizens.

To date there seems to be an unwillingness from the media to advance the full extent of the current conditions in South Africa. Relying almost exclusively upon statistics as provided by the South African government, without independent verification. Victims of an under current of genocide, low scale war, deserve more than a “copy and paste” mentality from news editors. Our desire is to extent the boundaries of truth, beyond the limited horizon of a small sphere of humanitarian efforts.

A part of the world’s confusion is understandable. Many “rich white” foreigners living in South Africa’s highly secured neighbourhoods, speak with wonderment about the virtues of South Africa. They have no historical or family ties to the country, that binds them to heinous atrocities that are being committed against “white” minorities with a wide network of family. They do not have to share in the fear of racial discontent as directed at “white” minorities, specifically Afrikaners (Decendants of Mostly Dutch, French, German, British and smaller numbers from other European countries) who’s heritage ties them to South Africa’s past. Afrikaners only have South African passports and thus “white” do not have European passports which “ties” them solidly to African soil .Foreigners to South Africa do not get to see the day to day life, that minorities in South Africa have to deal with. Even those of us forced to live outside our countries borders, are only a phone call away from the shared, feared reality of a racially fueled genocide. The fear is real as portrayed by the mass exodus of qualified and skilled citizens, of whom the majority is white.

Concerned people from all walks of life, around the world have unified for the sole purpose of disseminating the truth. If these charges are a vilification of the truth, then truth shall prevail on the occasion of its justification. Thus we seek the truth to be told in an international court of law, and that the world be told the truth. That apartheid is still very much alive in a nation where racial tension is still propagated by the government, and tolerated by its media. People from all cultures, races and creed should not suffer the discontent that racism breeds, or fear those that use ‘”racism” as a “weapon of silence”.The world is slowly starting to wake up to racial double standards. Where certain rules apply to one person, yet different rules to another. Brandon Huntley is that proof.

For minorities, where ever they find themselves in the world, has no say in their destiny as voted by a majority. The are either accepted as part of a society or have to share in the world’s charity. That is the price of being the minority, you are at the mercy of the perception of right and wrong as perceived by the majority. That is one of the reasons why Afrikaners became part of a larger family of minorities by joining the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO). Equality is only a perception shared by the majority, and hope for by minorities. South African minorities are at the mercy of equality as perpetrated on them by criminals. We are at the mercy of racial equality as viewed by people who participate in crime. Yet we do not have the voting power to end acts of crime against all citizens of South Africa. The majority are the ones who tolerate crime, there for we much judge the racial tolerance of criminals. At night we can only pray that we would not be murdered by somebody with a vindictive racial attitude. We do not get to vote on the attitude towards crime, yet we are told that it is not geared towards us. We have to take the word of majority, that criminals do not use racial bias. In South Africa racists are not criminals, this is what the statics will make us believe.

This is not a question of us against them, but about what is wrong, and that is a government forcing its “denial of truth agenda” on the world. An agenda that now heightens racial discord by driving a wedge between people. That wedge is destroying the “Mandela dream”. In a nation of people that seeks peace, we are being polarised by government efforts. The ANC proffer a policy that generally states ” never again will one benefit at the expense of another “, in its own Freedom Charter. Whilst still at the same time practicing policies like Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment, to virtually eliminate whites from participation in the work force. Does the government fear our commitment to building the future of South Africa. Are we always to be treated that we do not belong, therefore we are not allowed to equally participate. How long before our own people will accept us, and not reject us. Maybe then the killing of innocent people will stop.

If we are to be truly living in a free society, the government should feel obligated to protect all its citizens against voilent crime. In order for us to build a better society, we need to be living in one first. There is no justification for crime, not even against minorities. If there is racial dischort, its the leaders not there to discredit its legitimacy, are they are there to raise or lower our fears.

Yet we are being labelled as being “racist” because we are raising our fears, as we see our government use racial slurs, to raise political capital. The world should also be the judge of the legitimacy of our fears. History is littered with examples of people’s fears that were ignored. If our fears are just an attempt to diminish the South African government, then the truth should be told. They have already diminish their own image in the U.N. when it comes to voting on human rights issues, as a member of the Human Rights Council.

“HRC members such as South Africa, Indonesia, India and Senegal, although themselves generally regarded as upholding human rights at home, frequently back human right-abusing countries, critics say.–”

The media seems to believe that our allegations are all fabricated lies, so what harm would come of independent eyes to discern for themselves. If all we are trying to do is to create a larger schism between races, will those facts not also be revealed? We believe and trust that the truth shall set us free, rather than apart. These crimes have been continueing since 1994 and is ever on the increase, to such worrying statistics that genocide watch is very concerned to what is currently happening.

Here is three examples of hate crimes in the white community that were fueled by black on white racism yet gone unnotticed, like many more examples Afriforum will give as evidence.

David Jones, of the Daily Mail describes the brutal assault of a white woman, Mrs. Ame Brown, in her Johannesburg home, in the absence of her husband, who was working a night shift. Mrs. Brown’s two young sons were bound at the wrists and forced at gunpoint to watch by the four-strong black gang which had broken into their flat as their mother was violated in turn by each of the gang members. Says Jones: “As the first man made way for the second, he spat out the hate-filled words Ame, an Afrikaner, will never forget: “For years you Boers always took from us. Now we’re taking from you.” In fact, Ame Brown worked as a care assistant looking after mainly black children at a Johannesburg home for youngsters. But her work on behalf of such an underprivileged, have-not section of the population obviously cut no ice with her assailants. Her race was all that mattered as far as they were concerned.

Lambert Theron, 20, Kempton Park Wimpy manager–CCTV filmed this young Afrikaner’s last moments: being hacked to death in a revenge-murder by two black co-workers–who accused him of ‘lying like all white men do’.

One of the most shocking recent examples of two anti-white racist hate-crimes involved the April 2009 torture-murders of Alice Lotter, 77, and her daughter Helen, 57, which caused a wave of abhorrence amongst the entire white community because of its incredible cruelty. The women, both frail, were tortured to death at their farm in Allenridge in the Free State on April 1, 2009. According to forensic evidence, the Lotter mother and daughter died excruciatingly painful deaths: First tortured by being stabbed with broken glass bottles into their vaginas; one of the women also had her breasts cut off while she was still alive–and then both women’s blood, police forensic experts found, had been used to paint the ANC’s anti-Afrikaner hate slogan ‘Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer’ on the walls of their homestead.

The list of crimes against “white” minorities, victims of murder and torture goes on.

Take a moment and ask yourself the question: What if these minorities were from a different race, in another part of the world?

Would there be an international outcry against these heinous crimes, if they were not “white”? If the roles were reversed the world would trounce on the opportunity to vilify “whites”, acting in such a way against “black” minorities. Are we to believe that asylum seekers should also be racially profiled? In a truly democratic society the outcry that a member of minority has been brutalized like this, should cause a reaction from their government. A full scale investigation into the causes and conditions, or at the very least a denouncement from the government, should be launched. We should learn from the past that ignoring the pleas from minorities, can have even full scale impact on the rest of the world. Less we forget the lessons from our wars of the past. We can ill afford another devastating war on the face of the planet, seeing that we are already losing the battle on global climate change and the population growth is about to explode. The last world war was started by the world ignoring the plight of minorities, as they felt that the abuse was justified.

On this point the South African government remains painfully misdirected, choosing to rouse its supporters into hatred against whites. The South African government knows if they stop using the racial issue, if “whites” become South Africans, rather than ‘Racist White’ South Africans, it would become increasingly more difficult to enforce racial bias, hypocritical policies and even lose support in the process. Is equality not the pursuit of all people?

As things are becoming more tense in South Africa, we see right wing extremists rise up from the ashes,for instance the AWB party of Eugene Tereblanche.Though these group represent a very small minority of “whites” or Afrikaners, what is apparent and worrying,is that more “whites” will feel obliged to sympathise as hate crimes against them is on the increase.

Brandon Huntley might lose his case, but that is not the real issue. The question is whether the truth will be exposed, will all be fully revealed? If the South African government’s statistics and propaganda are accepted as ‘fact’, if the full spectrum of truth is discarded or ignored. The world will lose another opportunity to advance the cause of oppressed people–even oppressed white men like Brandon Huntley. If the world neglects to seek the truth, the South African government will not suddenly find its moral centre, rather, it will be assured that its efforts to beguile are more potent than truth. Even to those of us that believed they would bring peace and equality. That dream is still to be achieved.