Posted on October 30, 2009

City Seeks Ways to Adapt Parks to Immigrants

Jennifer 8. Lee, New York Times, October 29, 2009


“Parks for All New Yorkers: Immigrants, Culture and New York City Parks,” a new report [pdf] issued on Wednesday by New Yorkers for Parks, a nonprofit advocacy group, offers new ideas for adapting parks to immigrant communities.


To accommodate the increased demand for fields, the parks department plans to install lighting on 25 fields so the hours can be extended into the night.

And the department is translating many signs into Spanish, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Russian and Haitian Creole. {snip}

Although the report compliments the ambitions laid out in the language-access plan, it notes that the parks department might not have the financial resources to implement the plan at a time of government cutbacks. {snip}

And in a topic close to City Room’s heart, the report also pushes the parks department to seek out more diverse food vendors for parks; ethnic food sellers make up only a small portion of permitted vendors in parks across the city.