Posted on September 4, 2009

Why Has the Press Ignored Hate Crime Against a White Teenager?

Dave Gibson, Norfolk Examiner (Virginia), September 3, 2009

A recent mob-beating of a Buffalo, NY teen has caused a great deal of outrage within the community, and while the crime has been covered locally, the national mainstream press has completely ignored the story. The victim is white and the assailants were black.

On August 18, Brian Milligan Jr., 18, was walking home when he was reportedly attacked at the corner of Genesee Street and Floss Avenue, by between 10 to 15 black men. In addition to being punched and kicked, Milligan’s attackers hit him in the back of the head with a brick.

Amazingly, despite his severe injuries, Milligan managed to stumble the remaining five blocks to his house where he collapsed.


Milligan who spent several days in the Erie County Medical Center, suffered bleeding in his brain and a broken jaw, which will require the reinforcement of a metal plate and reconstructive surgery, the extent of his brain injuries is not yet fully known..

Milligan’s girlfriend Nicola Fisher, who is black, has told police that the two were often threatened and taunted as they walked together through their neighborhood.

Milligan’s father believes his son’s relationship with Fisher was the motivation behind the attack. {snip}

Police are investigating the attack as a hate crime, and Buffalo Police spokesperson Mike DeGeorge told reporters: “The department is vigorously investigating this tragic incident like it does with all crimes in the city. We understand the family’s grief and the department is asking anyone with information about this incident to call the confidential tip call [716] 847-2255.”

Despite that assurance from the Buffalo Police, Milligan’s father has expressed his frustration with the current investigation, and recently said: “I don’t want to sound wrong, but, what happens if this was a black boy laying up on that bed, and it was twelve white guys that did this to him.”