Posted on September 30, 2009

Dr. Cleveland Enmon Accused of Neglect to Steal Rolex Watch

Vitals, September 28, 2009

Dr. Cleveland Enmon is an emergency room physician at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton . Dr. Enmon is accused of abandoning attempts to resuscitate a patient from cardiac arrest to instead pocket the dead man’s valuable Rolex wristwatch. The suit, filed by the adult children of Jerry Keith Kubena, Sr., alleges that Dr. Cleveland James Enmon on June 1 “formed the intent” to swipe the Rolex from Kubena’s wrist while treating the man at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton.

The nursing staff assisting Enmon soon noticed that Kubena’s flashy timepiece was missing; “Where is the wristwatch?” the suit quotes one as uttering. Two more nurses allegedly noticed a wristwatch-shaped bulge in the doctor’s pocket. Security was called to investigate the disappearance. Defying security’s orders, the lawsuit notes Enmon walked out of the operating room and into the parking lot, a move caught on hospital security cameras. A nurse claims she saw Enmon toss a small object into the grass and she subsequently led security personnel to that exact area and recovered the watch.