Posted on July 16, 2009

Los Angeles Blacks Celebrate 2009 Lakers’ Victory

See the video here.

Los Angeles police released security video today that captures unruly celebrants of the Lakers NBA finals victory helping themselves to merchandise at a Shell gas station convenience store blocks from the Staples Center.

The footage, shot June 14 by a security camera at the rear of the store in the 600 block of West Olympic Boulevard, shows a group of about two dozen men swarming the store and helping themselves primarily to juice, soda and energy drinks in a large cooler.

The mob shouted, “Free soda, free soda” as they grabbed merchandise in a two-minute rush in which they also smashed bottles on the floor, trampled bananas, knocked over display racks and broke a window. {snip}

The owner of the gas station reported $1,200 in damage and $5,200 in lost property, said LAPD Lt. Paul Vernon. {snip}

The LAPD strategy, which drew praise and criticism {snip} was to push larger crowds into marginal areas and chase smaller groups until they dispersed. Total damage from that night has been estimated in the tens of thousands of dollars, but LAPD officials said it was far less than the 2000 Laker victory celebration beset by violence and looting that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.