Posted on July 20, 2009

Live Life in Full Color

Encourage and accept diversity in your neighborhood and community. It will promote a greater sense of engagement, better prepare your children for the global community they will inhabit . . . give us all a richer life.

About Us

About the Campaign

A Richer Life is a public awareness campaign developed by the National Fair Housing Alliance, dedicated to the creation and sustenance of diverse communities throughout the nation.

Living in integrated communities means having neighbors from all walks of life, from different ethnic backgrounds and of various beliefs, providing the opportunity for deeper and more varied experiences that will prepare us and our children for the mix of people that makes up this great country and for the interactions of the global economy. We believe it is the right of us all to live in healthy, diverse communities and that we all deserve to benefit from the richer life they bring.

State Farm is the major underwriter of the A Richer Life campaign and activities commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act. Other sponsors include: Fannie Mae, State Farm Bank, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Ocwen Financial Corporation, PMI Mortgage Insurance Company, Freddie Mac, Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc., MetLife Auto & Home, Wachovia Corporation, and H&R Block.

[Editor’s Note: The National Fair Housing Allowance’s website is available here.]