Posted on July 14, 2009

Food Lion Caters to Latinos

Sue Stock, News & Observer (Raleigh), July 11, 2009


Responding in part to growth in the more than $30 billion Hispanic grocery market, the Salisbury-based grocer began testing the format in August of last year, converting five Triangle stores into ones carrying a much wider array of Hispanic products.

Along with significantly bulked-up selections of dry goods such as beans, tortillas and spices, the stores also carry cuts of meat and produce items popular with Hispanic shoppers.

The employees at those stores also undergo training both in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture.

In-store signs and television advertisements marketed directly to Hispanic households tout Food Lion’s message of “Sabor Latino,” which means “Latin Flavor.”

Marketing manager Daniel Herrera declined to offer specifics but said the five stores are “performing extremely well”–well enough that officials feel comfortable expanding the test program.

Last week, the company opened 13 stores in the Piedmont area all featuring the Hispanic focus, and it didn’t take long to see a sales increase.


Food Lion will convert another 22 stores, including 10 in the Triangle, this month, with plans to reopen those stores officially on Aug. 12.

It will also revamp 19 stores in the Charlotte market this summer, reopening those in September.

When all of those conversions have been done, 59 stores, or roughly 10 percent of Food Lion’s 503 North Carolina locations, will have the Hispanic focus.


And, Greer [Bill Greer, spokesman for the Food Marketing Institute] added, Hispanic products are also getting a boost from non-Hispanic customers looking for new options.

“Hispanic foods in many respects have gone mainstream.”