Posted on June 11, 2009

Philippe de Villiers: “For Sarkozy, the Islamization of Europe Is Inevitable”

Jean-Claude Besida, Famille Chretienne, June 4, 2009

Famille Chretienne: Why are you all focused on the theme of Turkey and the Islamization?

Philippe de Villiers: Simply because we see the first transformation of churches into mosques in the next three years. In any case, this is what Nicolas Sarkozy said.

FC: When?

PdeV: I had a substantive discussion with him at the Elysée at the end of last year, he said: “You have the intuitions you, I have the figures. And your intuition is confirmed by my numbers. The Islamization of Europe is inevitable.” Warning: this is a process that will not happen instantly, but take a few decades.

FC: Why is this issue seem to you to be central?

PdeV: Most politicians have a sweet ignorance of what Islam and propose to transform Europe into a supermarket of religions competing. Without awareness that Islam is not only a religion, but confusing the temporal and the spiritual, it imposes a right. But behind that sweet ignorance of politicians, there are those who know. And those who drafted the Green Paper published in 2000, which is a strategic tool for the Commission in Brussels. He made the following observation: in the coming years will prepare a demographic collapse that involves tens of millions of missing arm. In response, the EU proposes an injection of new people–it is said in words. The reality is that we are moving towards a coming and going with a later abortion in Europe and mass promotion of homosexual marriage and, on the other hand, mass immigration is now called the ‘selective immigration and adds to the absurdity of a rootlessness that is morally outrageous pillaging the elites of poor countries.

FC: You do not exaggerate the dimensions of the phenomenon?

PdeV: No. The substance of the matter is simple: Europe rejects its own demographic future. To do this, it has a weapon, in the Charter of Fundamental Rights attached to the Treaty of Lisbon: the promotion of homosexual marriage. This is being done by the principle of non-discrimination and the separation of marriage and gender of the spouses (as contained in Article 7 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights). In fact, there are two weapons used by European leaders to kill the demographically Europe: the promotion of gay marriage and abortion mass. And a third: the use of a migration to 80% Islamic population to replace the missing. Finally, Turkey will join Europe: France said it is not favorable, but it does. We were in two chapters (out of thirty-five in the accession process) two years ago, ten to twelve now and just after the European elections. It was under the French Presidency that the two most important chapters were opened. Are being mislead in French, explaining that the UMP is hostile to Turkey’s entry. In fact, the UMP is accelerating the process. It is clear that there is a double standard. On the one hand, you are told in a private “I am against Turkey’s entry,” on the other, negotiations continue on the accession, not the privileged partnership.

[Editor’s Note: Philippe de Villiers is a Member of the European Parliament. He was the Mouvement pour la France nominee for French president in the election of 2007.]