Posted on May 1, 2009

Mos Def, Wood Harris Ban the ‘N’ Word From ‘Next Day Air’

Liz "Red" Thomas, Baller Status, April 29, 2009

Actors Mos Def and Wood Harris recently revealed that they banned the use of the dreaded “N” word while on the set, as well as within, their upcoming film “Next Day Air.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Out, Harris explained their decision, while detailing how they stuck to it.

“It was something that was very important to us. It was our way of making a statement that we can express ourselves without using the ‘N’ word,” Harris explained. “But it wasn’t just in the movie that we banned the word. We also banned it on the set. No one could say it at all.

“At first it was difficult, but we really stayed on top of each other,” he continued. “By the end of . . . filming, I don’t know if it was something that even came up. We just didn’t say it, and had no desire to. I hope that other people will start trying to find new ways to express themselves as well.”

The Benny Boom directed film revolves around the story of ten people, who are effected by the decision of two criminals who mistakenly receive a package, via courier, stuffed with kilos of grade-a cocaine.