Posted on April 28, 2009

Obama Is Nudging Views on Race, a Survey Finds

Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Marjorie Connellymm New York Times, April 27,2 009

{snip} Two-thirds of Americans now say race relations are generally good. . . .

Despite that, half of blacks still say whites have a better chance of getting ahead in American society, the poll found. Black Americans remain among the president’s staunchest supporters; 70 percent of black respondents now say the country is headed in the right direction, compared with 34 percent of whites.


Americans seem to have high hopes for the president; 72 percent said they were optimistic about the next four years. {snip}


“With him as president, people seem to be working together toward the same goals, and that has helped race relations,” said Ms. Luster [Jaacqueline, retired bank employee], who is black and a Democrat. “Before there was more of a separation, blacks working for black goals and whites for white goals. {snip}”