Posted on March 26, 2009

‘White People Caused the Credit Crunch’

Sky News (Isleworth, Middlesex), March 26, 2009

Brazil’s President, while meeting Gordon Brown, has said the global financial crisis was caused by “white people with blue eyes”.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva made the comments after talks with the Prime Minister to try to forge a global consensus on how to save the worldwide economy.

Sky’s Joey Jones said it was a “rather awkward” moment for Mr Brown.

“The President does not mind using fairly flamboyant language. He likes to give extensive answers to journalists.

“But some of it was rather awkward for the Prime Minister, who was standing there listening to the President.

“A few eyebrows will have gone up at what he said.

“It was an uncomfortable moment for the Prime Minister and not one he will want repeated at the G20.”

Downing Street says the remarks were meant for “domestic consumption”.