Posted on February 12, 2009

Lufkin High School Class Sparks Concerns of Segregation

KLTV (Tyler, Texas), February 11, 2009

Some people say it is tailored education, but some concerned parents call it segregation. Lufkin High School is pushing for a course offered only to African American females. Despite the controversy, school authorities say that it may end up benefitting students.

“First of all you have to be black and second of all, but equally as important, you have to be female. It’s only for black female students” said John Mitchell, the Language Arts Facilitator of LISD. “And, it will always be only for black females.”

The pilot Black Female Literature Course has some questioning why other students couldn’t benefit from the course, too.

“We’re targeting certain students, trying to get them interested, trying to get them to understand their culture as they relate to it,” Mitchell explained.

In the past, Lufkin High School has introduced black literature in English classes, but not without problems.


“Maybe someday we’ll have a black studies course that will include white children, that they can come into and learn, but right now, that’s not what we’re targeting. We’re targeting black students to give them a place in the academic system to where they can realize the the importance of their own culture.”