Posted on January 21, 2009

Businesses in Peru ‘Cannot Sack Drunk Workers’

GAAP (London), January 16, 2009

Businesses in Peru ‘cannot sack drunk workers’ A court in Peru has ordered that an employer reinstates a member of staff who was sacked for being drunk at work.

The highest court in the country was presiding over a case involving Pablo Cayo, a caretaker who was given the boot for being intoxicated at work.

Following the case, his former employer has been ordered to give him the job back, with one of the judges, Fernande Calle, saying his sacking was excessive has he carried out his role as normal and had not been violent or rude.

The court would not be revising the decision, he added.

Celso Becerra, the administrative chief of Lima suburb Chorrillos, denounced the ruling and told Sky News: “We’ve fired four workers for showing up drunk, and two of them were drivers.

“How can we allow a drunk to work who might run somebody over?”

A separate court also recently ruled that a seaside district in Lima had dealt out a “disproportionate” punishment after it fired a maid for drinking on the job in 2004.

It ordered that the maid was restored to her post, the Associated Press reported.