Posted on December 1, 2008

Racism Cuts Both Ways: The Scandal of Our Age

British National Party, November 2008

A Message from BNP Chairman Nick Griffin

{snip} The vast majority of the real racism that scars Britain involves white victims from the indigenous community. Whether you are English , Scots, Welsh, Irish or from Ulster, being white makes you a target, being white means you’re guilty.

You wouldn’t know this if you believe the propaganda of the mainstream media or the lies of the old party politicians. But most people who live in the real world will already have experience of being discriminated against. We all know that ‘positive discrimination’ denies perfectly well-qualified individuals a fair chance when it comes to a job or promotion. We all know that Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative politicians use our money to give asylum-seekers luxury homes while homeless ex-servicemen sleep on the streets.

What many people don’t know, however, is that the indigenous peoples of Britain are not just the victims of such official anti-white racial bias. Huge and growing numbers also suffer criminal racism in its cruelest forms. Unreported by the mass media, ignored by schools, covered up by the old politicians—our people are the silent victims of an epidemic of racial violence, sexual exploitation and murder.


“Whites Suffer Increasing Racism”—A Government Survey Examined

A Government survey of 15,000 people, ordered by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, has revealed for the first time just how much racial discrimination is experienced by white British people. The survey found that a growing number of white people are the victims of racial prejudice and racial discrimination, both in the workplace and in their communities.

Almost one in three of those surveyed, 29 per cent, said that they now expected to be treated worse than other racial groups by key public services. {snip}

Racist ‘Grooming’—What It Is and How to Stop It


{snip}Wherever there are large numbers of young Muslim men, groups of them team up to lure girls—often as young as twelve or thirteen—into a nightmare world of sexual abuse, rape, beatings, drug addiction and prostitution. Some of these perverts are recently arrived ‘asylum seekers’, others come from settled immigrant communities and were born in Britain.

But what all the Muslim sex gangs have in common—on top of their religion, with its low status for women—is that they never target girls from their own community. The vast majority of the victims are white, although Sikh, Hindu and West Indian girls are also targeted.


Racist Murders—The Shocking Truth

The average racist murderer in Britain is over 40 times more likely to be a member of an ethnic minority than a native Brit! This is the shocking fact that emerges from the methodology of a study of racist murder in Britain by the Institute for Race Relations.


White Civil Rights activists were disgusted to find that the IRR researchers had exaggerated their case by including as victims of ‘white racism’ a number of victims of black-on-black violence or crimes with no known perpetrator at all.


You’re Not Alone! Fighting for Justice

Ethnic minorities living in Britain have literally thousands of organisations—all too often financed with majority taxpayers’ money—standing up for them. This is part of the reason that they get treated so much better than the indigenous people like us—it’s the squeaky hinge that gets the oil! Fortunately though, you don’t have to suffer in silence any more. Together we are building up a powerful political organisation dedicated up to standing up for the rights of you and your friends and family. The ‘Silent Majority’ is at last finding its voice.


[Editor’s Note: The complete brochure “Racism in Britain” can be read here.]