Posted on November 11, 2008

Open Letter on the Genocide of Afrikaaners

Adriana Stuijt

To: the Office of the Prosecutor,

International Criminal Court Communications Register

Head of Information & Evidence Unit

Office of the Prosecutor

Post Office Box 19519

2500 CM The Hague, The Netherlands

to email: [email protected]

From: Adriana Oosthuysen-Stuijt

Dokkum, The Netherlands

My name is Adriana Oosthuysen-Stuijt. I am a retired Dutch-South African journalist (formerly medical journalist for the Sunday Times of Johannesburg and Rand Daily Mail) and have been monitoring the increasingly worrying situation in South Africa since my retirement, concentrating on the socio-medical problems of the country.

The international human rights organisation Genocide Watch already warned in 2003 of the in their view, a ‘secret Boer genocide’ taking place in the South African countryside.

See their 2003 report on At that stage, some 1,800 white Afrikaans-speaking rural dwellers had reportedly been slain on commercial farms and on agricultural smallholdings alike and many raped—often in attacks by large groups of black-African men which—as was pointed out by Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch in 2003—carried out these attacks in an extremely violent fashion accompanied by a high level of unnecessary cruelty, torture and always accompanied by rape and humiliation of the victims. Since the publication of that report in 2003, the death toll of whites on farms and smallholdings in South Africa has risen to 3,008 people up to Nov 7 2008, our archives show.

Dr Stanton was interviewed in 2002 on the South African Television documentary ‘A Bloody Harvest’.

The transcript of the entire broadcast can be seen on the website of the TV company:

Dr Stanton also can be seen describing the Eight Stages of Genocide on this YouTube video and his credentials:

Farm murders 2003 programme A Bloody Harvest—Part One shows Stanton speaking about this:

A Bloody Harvest, Part Two:

While the South African situation does show a high level of criminal activities from organised gangs described by the US State Department as ‘feral youth gangs which do not hesitate to shoot, maim and rape’, an analysis of the archives I have been maintaining of these armed murders and attacks targetting specifically the white minority Afrikaans-speakers, shows that they are indeed being murdered and attacked at a rate which is out of all proportion to their representative size in the South African population.

In 1994, when South Africa’s hegemony was handed over peacefully to the black majority government of Nelson Mandela, white South Africans used to represent about 9.6% of the South African population according to the CIA country file records for South Africa, which I believe is a reliable source also because of the USA’s satellitite surveillance programme mapping human populations.

However since that time, the records indicate—based on transport reports, the SA government’s own rather limited emigration statistics, and church-records of the various white Afrikaner church denominations in South Africa, at least 1,5-million of South Africa’s whites have left the country—while some 5-million black Africans have transmigrated into South Africa from other African countries.

Based on this fact, one would also expert the crime-statistics to reflect lower violent death-rates among South African whites and higher ones among the black population.

However the EXACT OPPOSITE is occurring—indicating that Dr Stanton’s 2003 claim that a ‘secret genocide’ was taking place targetting specifically Afrikaner whites, may well be accurate.

7,5% of the population and still shrinking—but whites are 10% of 2007’s ‘Unnatural deaths’ .  . in 2007

While white South Africans now represent only 7,5 percent of the entire SA population, this highly visible minority group’s ‘unnatural death rates’ represent 10% of the SA population—and even though the white ‘braindrain’ out of South Africa is still occurring—these killings and accompanying increases in public hate-speech by local-level leaders of the ruling tricameral parties, the African National Congress, the SA Communist Party and Cosatu trade union movement—also show an alarming increase over the past year.

UNISA’s forensics analysis of the forensic reports of 33,513 of the more than 80,000 people in SA who had died ‘so-named unnatural deaths’ in 2007, (i.e.murders, culpible homicides, suicides) was released by UNISA university’s forensic analysis department on November 4 2008. (1).

It did not gain widespread news media attention.

This report showed that more than 10% of these ‘unnatural deaths’ had been white South African victims.

There had also been a drop in the proportional representative-number of black people who died ‘unnatural deaths’, while of course being the majority group (now at 85%) their unnatural death-rate was showing that it stood at 73% of the entire SA population.

News report Unnatural Deaths, Unisa forensics examination, in Afrikaans:,,5-83_2421848,00.html

Hate speech targeting ‘white Boers’ from municipal-level ANC/SACP/Cosatu leaders:

Over the past year, there has however been a new development in this regard—with the rural so-named ‘farm attacks’ now also spreading into the towns and cities, especially in those suburbs around Afrikaans-churches where most Afrikaners are apt to live.

These attacks, carried out in identical modus operandii, are now carried out at the rate of 40 attacks a day, targetting families inside their homes; and all showing one specific hallmark: the killers often arrive, ask for the homeowner or land-owner by name, and shoot him/her dead execution-style.

Very little of value is stolen, similar to these events seen in the ‘farm-murders’.

Ethnic cleansing of Afrikaner names from the entire South African map:

The past year has also seen an accompanying and in my view, very dramatic increase in the public hate-speech utterances targetting specifically whites, (“Boers” as they are cursed by black South Africans.)

A ‘scape-goat culture’ seems to be developing accompanied by a great deal of public anti-white hate speech from local level black political leaders in the tricameral leadership. Similar hate-speech is not seen among other black opposition groups such as Inkatha Freedom Party—indicating that the hate-speech among the ANC/SACP/COSATU local-level leaders are organised, and preplanned instead of impromptu.

I have summarised the latest incidents on the following blog-page, but the details are archived on the closed-website by a large number of SA journalists (we have 600 members) maintained for reference purposes at


Whites participating in the political process—both English-speaking and Afrikaners—also are frequently being barred from even speaking at public political meetings even about matters which concern their own community closely, such as the ongoing, ‘ethnic-cleansing-style’ campaign to rename all the towns founded and built by the Boer-forebears of the Afrikaners, such as the city of Pretoria’s renaming. Afrikaner groups who wanted to lodge a formal objection to this renaming of what they view as ‘their own historical capital city’, were shouted down by a large group at a public city council meeting and a number of Afrikaners were arrested after the whites had been attacked by black members of the audience.

There is considerable evidence that this deliberate interference in the political rights of whites in South Africa is organised by the ANC/SACP/Cosatu tricameral ruling party’s local-level organisers who also organise transport to these events.

You may note in Dr Stanton’s definition of Genocide that ethnic-cleansing campaigns in which the targetted group’s cultural-and ethnic rights are taken away by the State, also form an integral part of the genocidal process.

These detailed, written explanations as submitted to the United Nations, can also be read here

See this interference in the political rights of the Afrikaans-speaking taxpayers on these two videos, Oct 23 2008:

The public hate-speech by leading members of the tricameral leadership even includes the ANC’s elected president Jacob Zuma, who, while recently twice visiting a squatter camps housing empoverished white Afrikaners, also continuously keeps singing a very worrying song to his supporters called ‘Bring Me My Machine Gun’.

All these activities are an indication in my view that South Africa is becoming leaderless—to such a degree that the country is increasingly being ruled by local-level criminal warlord-ruled gangs in which activities even the local police are seen to participate.

The remaining South African whites are, in my view, now living in a very quickly-increasing atmosphere of violence and a dramatic increase in hate-speech targetting this highly visible minority group.

I don’t know what legal steps could be taken on an international level to try and rescue this politically-emasculated, hatespeech-targetted and highly visible minority group from annihilation—also because Afrikaner whites are not granted any political asylum in any country in the world because the governments in those respective countries maintain that South Africa now is a democratically-ruled society with an orderly judicial process and an efficient constitution.

However the constitutional rights of the Afrikaner minority are being rapidly eroded—indeed as are the constitutional rights of all the people of South Africa by the currently disorganised SACP/ANC/Cosatu tricameral ‘government’ with its caretaker-president.

I am merely a witness and an archivist of these events, not an international legal expert.

I register these facts with you in the hope that your organisation would be able to bring relief to this embattled population group—which although clearly a very ‘unfavoured’ minority, nevertheless should still be afforded the basic human rights afforded to all human beings in the world.

I don’t know what advisory steps your body could take to alert the international leaders to this present threat of genocide hanging over the white minority in South Africa.

But I hope you are able to undertake something after examining some of these facts I have put before you in this brief document.

Please do not hesitate to call on me if you require more detailed information, at telephone Netherlands 06 4654 7347.

Please note that there are now some 100,000 Afrikaans-speaking South Africans working legally in The Netherlands, and each one could bring you their personal testimony of their own reasons for leaving what many of these Afrikaners see as a ‘genocidal campaign’ targetting them in the country of their birth.

Yours sincerely

Adriana Stuijt