Posted on November 6, 2008

Official English Wins by a Landslide in Missouri

Press Release,, Nov. 5, 2008

“Voters spoke decisively Tuesday on a ballot measure in Missouri to enact English as the official language of their state government,” says K.C. McAlpin, executive director of ProEnglish.

“Our organization urged Missourians to vote ‘yes’ on constitutional amendment No. 1 to enshrine English as the official language in the state constitution,” McAlpin said. “Unfortunately the United States is one of the few countries in the world without an official language. So having official English in a state constitution is important to protect it from being thrown out by activist judges who want to substitute their own rule for that of the people,” he added.

“The Missouri measure won by 89 percent in a state that narrowly split its presidential vote between Barack Obama and John McCain,” McAlpin notes. “This landslide vote confirms national polls reflecting that a vast majority of Americans—Democrat, Republican and independent—reject costly and confusing multilingualism and support English as our nation’s official language.”