Posted on October 17, 2008

Threat Charges Won’t Stick

Allan Turner, Houston Chronicle, Oct. 16, 2008

Fort Bend County authorities said Thursday they have dropped criminal charges against a woman who confronted a pickup driver about a bumper sticker that depicted a little boy urinating on the name “Obama.”

Angry words, maybe, but no immediate threat to do serious bodily harm. That was the conclusion of the District Attorney’s Office in dismissing a terroristic threat charge that grew out of the July dispute.

Chynethia Gragg was arrested after Sugar Land police said she accosted Plantation Bend resident Doug McKain, who had the anti-Obama sticker on his truck.

District Attorney John Healey said the misdemeanor charge against Gragg has been dropped. In court documents, McKain said Gragg confronted him, pledging she would “get someone to take care of him later” if he didn’t remove the sticker.