Posted on October 9, 2008

Qld Man Refuses to Take Down Aussie Flag

Ninemsn (Sydney), October 10, 2008

A Queensland man says he will disregard an order by a council in south-east Queensland to lower his Australian flag, after a neighbour complained it was “offensive”.

Logan City resident Aaron Wilson erected a five metre flagpole eight weeks ago to honour friends who served in Iraq.

On Tuesday, council staff at Logan City just south of Brisbane contacted Mr Wilson to tell him a neighbour had complained.

Mr Wilson was told he could face legal action if the flagpole was not removed.

“I find it astonishing that anyone could find the Australian flag offensive,” he told the Courier-Mail.

“My family and friends have served for the country and the very least I can do is have a flag to show my appreciation for Australia.”

A Logan City Council spokeswoman said there was concern the flagpole could fall down in high winds.

She said Mr Wilson needed a building permit, because the pole was only 4.5m from the kerb and, under the Queensland Development Code, it should be at least 6m from the front.

Mr Wilson said he would not be moving the flag.

“I can’t see how moving the flag back a bit is going to stop it being offensive,” he said.

Logan City mayor Pam Parker said she backed Mr Wilson in his desire to fly the national flag.

However, Ms Parker could not rule out his having to move the flagpole.

“I am offended that somebody should complain to the council about the Australian flag, and whoever they are should hang their head in shame,” she told ABC Radio.

Ms Parker said the flagpole had “setback issues” which she would discuss with council officers.