Posted on September 15, 2008

Vicente Fox Favors a North American Union With a Common Currency and Criticizes U.S. Immigration Policy

Jason Rzucidlo, AmericaJR (Detroit), September 14, 2008


[Former Mexican President Vicente Fox] said the unemployment rate in Mexico is only 4.5 percent. Along the border, there is no unemployment according to Fox. He said the country is the 7th largest trading partner in the world. Over $250 million worth of U.S. products are imported to Mexico each year.

“I am not in favor of open borders,” he stressed. “I am in favor of an orderly flow of people, regulated and controlled only as much as needed.

Fox called for a North American Union between the U.S., Canada and Mexico similar to the group of countries that make up the European Union.

“What would be better for this nation then having a successful neighbor?” he questioned. “Why don’t we work together to make that dream happen? That dream happened in Europe. Today, Europe is what it is because of that Marshall Plan. They decided to work together. On a destroyed Europe right after second World War, the leaders came and had a vision to build up the union. The European Union. They started working step-by-step. It’s been a 60-year process.

“I’m not saying we copy the European model, would not be accepted here. The mechanism that worked for the union in Europe is very simple. Ever nation provides 2 percent of their gross product. That cohesive fund goes invested on the underdeveloped regions of Europe. In Europe, you don’t have to pay to go to public universities, not one cent.

“If we would decide, Mexico, United States and Canada to build that kind of future. So that instead of building walls and investing money of the U.S. taxpayer in that wall, we would invest in productivity, in education, in protecting the environment. Through those cohesive funds. There are answers to our problems.”