Posted on September 11, 2008

UCT Defends Admissions Policy

IOL (Cape Town), September 10, 2008

The University of Cape Town says its racially skewed admissions policy is aimed at offering education opportunities to a full range of students, and redressing past inequalities.

It was responding to a call on Wednesday by the Freedom Front Plus to scrap the policy.

FF-Plus Western Cape leader Corne Mulder said in a statement he had handed over a memorandum to UCT registrar Hugh Amoore.

He said university guidelines laid down that prospective black students had to have a 74 percent senior certificate pass, coloureds 78, Indians 88 and whites 91.

The party found this unacceptable since it applied to students who were born in 1990, after the release of former president Nelson Mandela, and attended the same schools with the same opportunities.

Amoore said in a later statement that the policy met the legal requirement for redress of past educational inequalities.

It reflected the university’s commitment to offering education opportunities to a full range of students who were best positioned to gain quality education.

“The aim is to deliver a class in which the best white students win places, and in which the best black African, Indian and coloured students do so too,” he said.

All students at UCT exited as graduates on the same standard.